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Osmunda Helps Remind Us All That “Love Will Overcome” With New Track

It’s not often that we can come across artists with such a true vision and overall message of unity, but we are blessed today with Osmunda. Bringing her track “Love Will Overcome” to the world, we are reminded that we are all here for a greater purpose and that we are uniting for a bigger purpose. That purpose is to love. Osmunda's “Love Will Overcome” starts out with an easy to grasp clap along, and a strong opening lyric of “make love, not walls”. Instantly, listeners are sucked into a utopia of sonic blessings to the ears. The melody is easy to follow and the lyrics are captivating, leaving you on edge for what her next phrase will be. By the time the chorus comes around, there is a jolting feeling created that fully gets her point across, leaving you to believe that together we can overcome negativity with love. A lot of Osmunda’s vocals are unique while also familiar feeling, reminding me of Madonna and other contemporaries. 

Hailing from New Mexico, Osmunda took the leap of faith in moving to Los Angeles and has since traveled the world extensively. Calling the earth her home, Osmunda’s music is something for all ears. Living in a world full of hate, Osmunda’s positivity shines and glows in her music and resonates with all listeners. We highly suggest giving her single “Love Will Overcome” and we can promise you will be happy you did. In the words of Osmunda, “Live From Your Heart”. 

Listen to "Love Will Overcome" here.

You are a world traveler; in what place of the world did you find the inspiration to write your new song “Love Will Overcome”?

The inspiration came from all around the planet as a result of all of the beautiful people who marched & spoke up for what they believe in.

As an artist, do you believe that every artist has the responsibility to use their platform to unite us all with love?

As artists, we should follow what our hearts call us to do.

What was the biggest music scene/ landscape difference for you being from New Mexico, and moving to Los Angeles? 

Because I grew up with a mama who loved Credence & Joan Baez, I had a wide variety of 70’s influences even as a young girl. New Mexico also has its own style, known as Musica Nuevo Mexicana (folk music of Hispanos) which was an early influence. As I got older, I also embraced the 80’s & 90’s pop culture as well. Once I had moved to Los Angeles, I was able to build a larger group of like-minded creatives to collaborate with.

As a society, how can we all remind ourselves that “Love Will Overcome”?

By recognizing everyone as one human tribe and remembering that love is the answer.

Lastly, any final words of love & positivity that you’d like to share with anyone listening/ reading?

Through empathy & forgiveness, we can heal our hearts and manifest beauty.


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