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Outlaws and Moonshine Rocks Southern Style in “Hillbilly Rockstar”

Rocking hard from Indianapolis, Rock and Country band Outlaws and Moonshine released their new single “Hillbilly Rockstar” to turn up the volume and uplift your spirit.

Outlaws and Moonshine is the band you want to hear if you like Southern Rock and Country music. They are Beau Vanvolkenburg on lead vocals and guitar, Chris Vanvolkenburgh on bass and vocals, and Eric Piper on the drums. The guys from Outlaws and Moonshine have been creating music together since 2014, making their work more and more exciting.

With the exceptional musical talent of Outlaws and Moonshine and the fantastic production of Dalton Vanvolkenburgh, “Hillbilly Rockstar” smells like a classic rock song from top to bottom. It is loud and euphoric and invites you to sing along. “Hillbilly Rockstar” reminds you of that incredible song that has accompanied you in the sweet and bitter moments.

“Hillbilly Rockstar” starts with Chris' bass pulsing through the air and Eric marking fast pace drums. They soon welcome Beau and his catchy riff of distorted guitar and powerful vocals. His gritty voice reminds you of your favorite rock songs and those you listened to growing up.

“Hillbilly Rockstar” is definitely a song you would love to listen to in concert and jump while letting the energy run through your limbs. “Hillbilly Rockstar” is the new song that can make every story you live even better or brighten your day and alleviate the weight in your soul during bad times.

Listen to “Hillbilly Rockstar” and rock along with the best Southern Rock music by the hand of Outlaws and Moonshine.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Outlaws and Moonshine, and congratulations on your latest release, "Hillbilly Rockstar." What did you picture when writing “Hillbilly Rockstar?”

Hank Jr, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings. The original outlaws of country music. And the songs that they wrote have people reaching for their volume buttons to turn up their songs. Those guys were the real rock stars.

Who were your most significant musical references to make “Hillbilly Rockstar?”

Absolutely the man in Black, Johnny Cash.

What would you like your listeners to feel when listening to “Hillbilly Rockstar?”

Like they're driving a convertible on a beautiful sunny day with the radio up loud!

What makes “Hillbilly Rockstar” different from your other works?

I think it's more of a rocking tune, definitely a full-throttle type of song.

What's next for you?

Finish up recording, play as many shows as we possibly can, and continue to be inspired by outlaw country music!

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