Paxson Chase Becomes Vulnerable and Exhibits Authenticity with His Lyrics.

Paxson Chase is an alternative hip-hop artist from Trenton, New Jersey who has had a successful year filled with various blessings! Earlier this may, Paxson Chase released his fourth studio project titled “Pink”. This project was a compelling insight on the authentic feelings of Paxson Chase where his lyrics depicted the themes of toxic relationships or what he called it, “tragedy in paradise”.

Being able to connect with your audience is highly important and Paxson Chase knows exactly how to relate to his listeners. After a 4 month hiatus, Paxson Chase returned with a highly intriguing EP titled “Limb” in which he got vulnerable and discussed his struggles with depression and suicide. Paxson Chase strips away the wall between himself and the listener, giving everyone a more raw outlook on who he is past his music.

Although uncertain on the date, Paxson Chase has plans to release another EP that’s bound to move people the way he’s been moving individuals. We can't wait to see what's next for Paxson Chase in 2020! He's definitely one to watch.

Listen to Paxson Chase here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Paxson Chase! Can you tell our readers about your successful year?  

My year was decent although I wouldn’t call it successful I released two EP’s that reflected the things I was going through at the time  but I’m a serious perfectionist I’m always looking at the small stuff so in reality it might have been a really successful year and I won’t see it till 2020. 

Do you have any traditions you stick to for your recording process? Mind detailing to us which?

I recorded as needed, most artists record and just keep it away but that makes me “trigger happy” so to speak. like pink had 20 songs written but I only recorded 7 limbo had 15 I only recorded 5 it’s odd but it’s what I do I really couldn’t tell you why. 

Let’s talk about your EP, “Pink”. What was the most challenging aspect of writing the songs to this?

The fact that the relationship The EP is based on I was still in. That made a lot of the issues in that relationship way worse which I understand, ya know? I told the world our problems I can’t expect you to be okay with it sorry I guess.

Between “Pink” and “Limb”, which do you feel is the best representation of vulnerability for you and why?

Limbo but that’s because it’s the most recent. I know that’s a real rapper thing to say but I write the things I feel at that moment limbo was like an extension of pink, like pink I was still in the relationship limbo I was just stuck in between leaving or staying. 

What can we expect from the next EP, Paxson Chase? We would love to hear what's coming next for you in the near future!

I honestly don’t know I’m working on my next EP now entitled “pax world” but Knowing me that could all change in a snap. so I really can’t say right now it’s “pax world” when I can’t tell you because I don’t even know.