Poe the Passion Released the Thought-Provoking Single “Overdose”

Poe The Passion released the headbanging hit titled “Overdose” and this record was a hard-hitting slapper with a tough beat that you can blast at full volume in your vehicles, and at any party with friends. What’s unique about “Overdose” was the lyrical content of the song. Instead of sticking to a club-banging hit, “Overdose” was a substantial track that had a deep lyric material that hits you hard. The lyrics were thought-provoking and raw, talking about real issues and metaphorically presenting us with a different outlook on the passion and hunger Poe The Passion possesses.

Poe The Passion is not only a phenomenal rapper, but he has the brains to match as he’s currently in school obtaining his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He’s undoubtedly a hard-worker and his hunger radiates through his passionate delivery. “Overdose” hits you like a punch, the lyric content, the flow, the production, everything this track is equipped with makes for a groundbreaking and extravagant hit single. Poe The Passion has this special quality to his music and his skillset that other rappers just can’t compete with. He’s showing us why he’s made for this, and why his time is approaching him quicker than he thought. “Overdose” could potentially be the song to skyrocket the career of Poe The Passion into greater heights he may not ever think of reaching!

You can listen to “Overdose” by Poe The Passion below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Poe The Passion! Can you talk to us a bit about your upbringing and background? What initially motivated you to pursue music? I moved around a lot when I was younger, I have lived on the west coast to the east coast and now the Midwest is my home. So I got the opportunity of experiencing many different styles of rap. I just focus on maintaining financial stability, education, and music nowadays. I have had a love for music for as long as I can remember. I feel blessed I came up during the time where wordplay and style were the most important part of a song. My motivation to do music is simply I have a message and appreciate the opportunity to tell my story through music. Music gives me a way of expression that is universally accepted.

Talk to us about your single “Overdose”, what inspired you to write this record? Overdose I wrote directly to the beat, I did not have a song idea in mind beforehand. I just played the beat and went with came to mind. I wanted to have fun and also bring energy to this track. Overdose is me bringing multiple thoughts to life than bringing those thoughts to the public in the form of music.

How would you describe the songwriting approach to “Overdose”? Overdose is a collision of events, time and situations that I experienced throughout life. I am one of those writers once I begin writing, my material easily flows from my mind to the paper. Since I talk about my life and I bring my own personal experiences it seems to make things easier when projecting my thoughts and feelings into my artwork.

The lyrical content for this record was deep and insightful. What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Overdose” for you? The most challenging aspect is the drive to always keep improving. Many of us artists are our hardest critics searching for our own definition of perfection which is unreachable but still, we try So creating an overdose was not very challenging in itself self but the thought of I want my next song to be even better is where the challenges come in for me.

What’s next for you Poe The Passion? Keep making music, more music, and more music. I am currently working on my second album and 2020 will be a year of even more networking. I look forward to reaching new milestones as well as expanding my position to help other artists. More shows, I want to hit a few more states this year as well as drop several videos.