Polo Paradise And Tushar Are Delivering Us A Hit For The Summer With “Foreign”

New and unique artists, Polo Paradise alongside Tushar are crafting hip-hop anthems all the way from Barbados and Canada.

They released their single “Foreign” and we automatically knew that these two were next up! Foreign had a beat that endured a smooth transition to fit the needs of both artists. At first, it begins with deep bass, the classic kicks, and a rooted tempo for the rapper to spit his bars. Once the singer began to sing during the hook, the beat became melodic and fused with pop elements. This unique feature made the hook more catchy and appealing to us. I found myself singing along with Tushar and catching a smooth-sailing vibe with the artists. What I loved most about “Foreign” was how it complements the aesthetic of summer. It has this strong vacation mood to the song that felt refreshing, breezy, and upbeat. The energy that radiates off this song is what makes our mood worthwhile. Polo Paradise and Tushar are interesting artists with a whole lot to offer us and “Foreign” was a representation of their exquisite taste in production and their ability in delivering a hit.

Check out "Foreign" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Polo Paradise and Tushar! In what ways does your artistry differentiate from one another? What are some similarities? And how did it fuse together for “Foreign”?

Ian Morris director of Imvideo in Toronto Ontario Ca came up this idea of creating Foreign. He created the beat while me and Tushar came up with some dope lyrics and flow for the beat. Tushar have an incredible voice for singing. Im more the type of a mono vocal with a bouncy flow. 

Who would you consider a few of your musical influences and why?

Two of my favorite rappers are Tupac and the Notorious BIG.

But the rap of today is more urban so you gotta go with the flow and be creative.

“Foreign” had a tasteful vibe that we loved. What was your vision for this record? How would you detail the theme of it?

The vision of this record came up when i met Ian Morris in Barbados while he was on vacation. 

It is all about two artist from two different places out here trying to make it. After the video was release i took a trip out to Canada and that's when i finally met Tushar. Doesn't matter were you are from, it's the talent of a person that is out here to inspire.

Was there a specific arrangement you were going for in the production of this song?

The arrangement for the track is as it goes.


With your summer hit out now, what are some other plans for you this season?

With my hit out now i'm trying to promote it in the best way i can and get people to go check my stuff and continue to work on my future in the industry.

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