Pop Artist KC Releases New Single Zero Gravity

February 24 | BuzzMusic

Denver native KC has been LA’s recent shining star. There is considerable anticipation for his debut EP to be released later this year. Portraying imagery of iridescent neon colors, futuristic fashion, and mysterious and intriguing pop vocals, KC is not an artist to forget. Taking inspiration from legends like David Bowie and Lady Gaga, KC has made waves on social media and across all streaming platforms. With songs like “Zero Gravity”, “Celestial Bodies”, and “Hyperion”, his vibe translates flawlessly through his unique and empowering hits. With over 27,000 Instagram followers and no pictures, fans are patiently waiting for what comes next.

KC's new single “Zero Gravity” includes space and futuristic symbolism. KC augments the song’s instrumentation by displaying his matching style and fashion sense. With light spacey synths drifting through the introduction, and while incorporating a lively pop beat and intricate vocal melodies, “Zero Gravity” is an empowering single. It is full of strength, self-love, and excitement for the future. The song also features complex production. The lyrics provide a compelling story of loving where you stand in life, and not fearing the future, but, instead, embracing it with who you are.

Check out "Zero Gravity" here and connect with KC on social media below.