Pop-Country Collective On The Outside Release New Music Video For Hit Single “Like Yeah”

On The Outside, or OTO, is a 5-piece pop-country boy band. The guys have an authentic and new sound, unlike anything we’ve heard before! On The Outside ’s latest release “Like Yeah” feels like far more of a pop hit than anything purely country, only because there’s a notably accessible and quickly engaging, memorable aura to this song, making it an easy one to relate to and enjoy.

Like Yeah” showcases the 5 members’ strong vocals, the long-form melody, and the hook line and title to match help let the concept really sink in. At the same time, they highlight the smoothness and subtle character of their voices collectively, ultimately offering something that’s easy to recognize after hearing it just once. Instrumentally “Like Yeah” is a colorful, multi-layered release from On The Outside, furthering that accessible nature. The verses have a classic and comforting familiarity to the way they develop, and the soundscape complements the melodic progression and the vocals really well at every step. The pace throughout “Like Yeah” quickens for the chorus, poetic language and optimism pour through, as well as an inherent sense of togetherness that helps give the song a strong appeal for those seeking out an alternative or new song to share with the one they love. Hard work, consistency, and a passion for the art-form always pay off in the end, On The Outside is undoubtedly a group with a deep connection to that process. Absolutely worth a listen! 

Check out “Like Yeah” here and read more with On The Outside below! 

Hey there On The Outside! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're incredibly excited to be featuring your newest single "Like Yeah"! Tell us about the recording process, and how the overall creative process was for this song? We thank you guys so much for featuring our newest single, “Like Yeah”. We recorded this song back in December of 2018. The recording process was like no other. With us, the creating/recording process happens so fast. As a unit, we’ve developed a system. We have learned each other’s voices and we now know who sounds the best on what parts and it all just flows as it should. “Like Yeah” is an uptempo, feel-good song and we’re so happy we get to share the feeling it’s given us for so long, with our fans and new listeners!

How do you think "Like Yeah" compares to your earlier releases? How do you think your overall sound has progressed since your debut? “Like Yeah” conjoins with our earlier release “How Did You Know” in the sense that it has a country feel to it, while still embodying a Pop feel, and we love that! This single brings a more light-hearted version of us. As a group, we are drawn to music that has substance, but we also like to dance around the room and just enjoy the moment, which is what “Like Yeah” brings to the table.

Who has had the biggest influence on your life musically thus far? Can you describe the impact this particular individual has had in terms of your sound/progression as a group? As a group, Dan + Shay have inspired us a lot. Beautiful melodies, catchy hooks, and genuine, raw lyrics all wrapped up in one. Good music is good music, and genres are becoming more and more irrelevant to music fans. Pulling from all the genres we love, we have created a new lane and are the first ever pop-country boy band!

We loved the music video for "Like Yeah”! What was the overall concept? What was the filming process like? “Like Yeah” is a song that’s truly about being overwhelmingly happy in a moment. You can hear that in the lyrics, and you’ll feel it in the production and vocals. It’s just fun, and sometimes that’s the kind of song people need to hear. The lyrics are reminiscent and reflect back on a sunny day with a girl that you’re so astonished by. Women bring a beautiful energy, and this is about celebrating how they make us feel. We cast 5 girls to be in the video and it shows us interacting with and getting to know them as we explore the beautiful town of Franklin, TN.

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! Tell us more about what's next for you after this video release? Any shows in the near future? We have a lot in the works right now! OTO is preparing to take off. We have an album of songs under our belts and it’s just a matter of when it’s the right time to release them. Our community of fans, called #Outsiders are amazing and we try to support them as much as they support us. As a band, we unanimously agree on one thing: We want our music to be the vehicle that let’s us be there for as many people as possible. OTO has a lot to say, and we’re just getting started.

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