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Popcorn Kid Brings Disco Back to Life With, "Discotown (feat. Noxigen & Katherine Hb)"

The Bangalore-based Musician and Singer/Songwriter Popcorn Kid release a groovy single for the soul with, "Discotown (feat. Noxigen & Katherine Hb)."

Popcorn Kid (Nikhil Narayan) has been running hot for two solid years in the music industry; he's continually being recognized by new eager fans and increasing his monthly listeners on Spotify day by day. 

With his latest release "Discotown (feat. Noxigen & Katherine Hb)," Popcorn Kid delivers this fiery and nostalgic atmosphere through driving synths, gripping basslines, and airy drum fills.

Noxigen and Katherine Hb's vocals bring a lively back and forth while pushing the track with boundless energy. 

"Discotown (feat. Noxigen & Katherine Hb)" opens straight out of the 80s with funky electric guitar swings, tightly-wound drum patterns, and Popcorn Kid's energetic keys. Once Noxigen and Katherine Hb begin singing to each other back and forth, the atmosphere heightens into this exhilarating space where dancing becomes inevitable. 

What keeps our toes tapping is Popcorn Kid's wicked instrumentation within this track; everything from the whopping synth to Noxigen's surreal electric guitar delivery puts this track on the map as one of the more stimulating pieces we've heard this year.

Perfectly encapsulating his city's groovy nightlife and overall atmosphere, we can't get enough of the song's naturally engaging instrumentation that pulls us in closer. 

Popcorn Kid has outdone himself with his lively hit single "Discotown (feat. Noxigen & Katherine Hb)," while Noxigen and Katherine Hb provide refreshing vocals and surreal electric guitar all to push the song's inviting and intoxicating atmosphere. 

Listen to Discotown (feat. Noxigen & Katherine Hb)" here.

What a groove you've released with your lively single, "Discotown (feat. Noxigen & Katherine Hb)." Could you tell us about the song's inspiration, was it derived from Bangalore's nightlife and energy?

Thank you, I’m glad that you felt the groove I was trying to portray. The inspiration for this song is my exposure to a lot of vintage classics such as ABBA, Earth Fire-Wind, Michael Jackson,etc., to name a few. My vision for ‘Discotown’ is for it to be a symbol and a musical landmark for Bangalore's nightlife and music scene.

We've heard that your single "Discotown (feat. Noxigen & Katherine Hb)" was originally the intro track for your album "Paradise." What made you want to re-work the track and add Katherine Hb's vocals for a new release?

Usually, music lovers tend to listen to songs with vocals/lyrics since they are able to resonate with the words on a personal level. Hence, I felt Discotown, being an instrumental would be a great song to have vocals since it musically represents a golden era of music. Adding to the existing aura of the song, Katherine’s vocals were icing on top.

When re-working "Discotown (feat. Noxigen & Katherine Hb)," did you keep the instrumentation the same, or did you add any sonic additions to spice up the renewed release?

I was content with the instrumentation of the song. So I retained most of the instruments to sustain the original vibe of the song. The mix and master however are a bit different.

Living in India, we've noticed that you have many international fans and monthly listeners. How do you manage to keep your city's listeners entertained, as well as international listeners?

The kind of music I make is not yet popular in my country. So I intend to spread this genre to my local communities through my music alongside making it catchy enough for my international listeners to vibe to.

This year has been extremely difficult for the music industry. What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music, this year?

I can totally relate to the hardships that the people are facing during these wretched times. This motivates and inspires me to make new music which helps overcome any negative feelings and becomes a sweet escape. IT would be awesome if it can achieve the same for others as well.




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