Professional Drummer Andrew Desogus Will Take Your Breath Away With His Debut Single

Hailing from the beautiful Italian sea-bordering town Sardinia, Andrew Desogus was born with an ear for music. He taught himself to play the drums on his initiative, and later took lessons from multiple Italian musicians. He moved to the United States, where he graduated from Berklee College of Music and was then appointed as director of his original drum school in Sardinia. He now travels between Italy, UK, and Boston for work, and has begun to release his impressive music.

When you listen to a song by Andrew Desogus, his vast education and experience are blatantly obvious. His drum solos are bone-chilling and soul-shaking. The song begins with a steady energy level that continues to creep higher and higher until he reaches a peak that will make the listener’s heart skip a beat. Through his music, Andrew Desogus always plays through his heart. His mood may influence his music, but he always aims to inspire dance and passion through his drumming.