QuanDon Bridges the Sounds of Yesterday and Today

Growing up in Brooklyn during the era of early Hip-Hop culture might have been exactly what QuanDon needed to spark his career as a rapper, lyricist, and emcee.

Just like most of our favorite rappers throughout the decades, QuanDon cultivated his talents by constantly freestyling and rap battling through his early years.

His expertise in piecing together witty bars that flow effortlessly has been a dedicated work in process from the start. QuanDon first took pen to paper with his original verses in the early ‘90s, and his skills as a rapper have flourished since then.

He has collaborated with various musicians over the years, further diversifying his artistic style and enticing sound. One of QuanDon’s best assets is maintaining a ‘90s essence in all of his songs by bridging the gap of old-school Hip-Hop to the electronic sounds of today.

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