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Qwill Keeps New England's Music Scene Alive with a Stream of Live Performances

Known as the 'Bon Iver of Salem,' the Boston-based producer, alt-electronic artist, and singer-songwriter Qwill reminds listeners to gear up for his forthcoming stream of live performances.

If you haven't been acquainted with Qwill's diverse and unique sounds, now is a better time than ever as he plans on bringing his blend of jazz, hip-hop, and alt-electronic sounds to live audiences once again. "Playing in other people's bands, doing studio work, I feel like that makes up who I am as an artist. In the sense of informing me as a producer to bring in more elements and make it diversified," states Qwill.

Known for his refreshing and unpredictable live shows, Qwill is more than eager to get back into what he does best, swooning an audience and leaving them wanting more. One should expect him to bring a banjo, an APC40, an ES-335, or even a real Rhodes EP to his live shows, as Qwill thrives off of leaving his audience on their toes and expecting the unexpected.

Whether his live shows will be streamed online or at socially distant venues, Qwill is more than ready to get back into the groove of performing live with help from his eager and loyal fanbase.

Don't miss out on Qwill's forthcoming live shows as he continues to announce dates, times, and locations through social media platforms. Stay up to date with Qwill on Instagram, @qwillmusic, and share some love with his discography on all digital streaming platforms.


We're excited to chat with you about your creative endeavors and forthcoming shows. What aspect of performing live are you most excited to experience again?

I’m really excited to play new material that I’ve been writing and producing throughout this past fall and winter, and to share with people in a live space again is really exciting, I’m super stoked!

Could you give us any further information regarding your future stream of live shows? Where/when will you be performing next?

The next solo set I’m performing will be a collaborative show with my friend, and visual artist Mike Grimaldi aka Grimdrops on Friday, June 11 at his studio in Beverly, MA and we’ll be live streaming as well.

What should your audience expect from your future live shows? Are you bringing in any changes or alterations to your existing performances?

I think the audience can expect a bit more of a dance type of set. I’ve added a drum machine and sampler to my setup. I’ve also been working on more visual elements to the live show hence working with artists like Grimdrops.

We've heard that you're very process-oriented when it comes to the creation of your music. Could you enlighten our readers on what your creative process usually looks like and how you find the inspiration to create?

I find inspiration everywhere. I like to write lyrics to share stories in that way, as well as write music that can convey a feeling that can either support lyrics or stand on its own as an instrumental. I work primarily with live instruments, a few synths, and hardware, and record into Ableton Live. After I’ve recorded into Ableton I can kind of do whatever I want with each element whether performing live or producing in the studio.



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