R&B Artist KIZ-MET Steals the Spotlight With Single “Down”

Born in Jamaica and raised in Kingston and the UK, Singer and Songwriter KIZ-MET had been waiting for a spark of inspiration to kickstart her career.

KIZ-MET was around music her whole childhood, but it was going to school in Toronto that allowed her to find her passions and pursue a long-awaited career in music.

“Down” by KIZ-MET is everything you could want in a flirtatious and fierce R&B number. She keeps it simple with a piercing beat, adding layers of instrumentation as the song progresses. “Down” encapsulates KIZ-MET’s classic R&B style with influences such as Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, and Moses Sumney.

Also weaving her Jamaican heritage throughout her music, KIZ-MET has crafted a sound that is completely her own. Filled with seductive metaphors and an irresistible melody, the listener is able to appreciate all that “Down” has to offer without being overwhelmed with sounds. The layering of vocals emphasizes their soft and tender qualities, and KIZ-MET’s vocal runs show off her hard-earned talent, all the while normalizing female sexuality.

Underneath the sensual basis of the song is the idea of making sure you are not the one giving too much in a relationship, and you need reciprocation for it to work. As KIZ-MET closes off the song, she winds back to the basics and closes off with more of her fiery vocals. 

If you are in the mood for a toe-curling and romantic R&B song, “Down” is a must-listen. KIZ-MET’s self-titled album is coming in late 2020, so stay tuned for her next releases.

When developing the idea for “Down”, what was your original inspiration? What features about “Down” made you want to release it as a single?

My inspiration for "Down" really came from a combination of conversations I've had with friends and a few personal experiences as well. But my friends and I have talked about having various romantic interactions that were very VERY one-sided. So I thought the subject matter was something that a lot of people could relate to in some way. I was also inspired by 90's R&B so I really wanted to share that chill nostalgic throwback vibe.

You have been working on perfecting your music for quite some time! How does “Down” compare to your musical style 7 years ago?

Wow. My music 7 years ago was totally different. It was very all over the place because I was trying to fit into the expectations of others. So I think back then it didn't mesh as well. But the musical style I have with "Down" is more settled and truer to who I am and how I express myself.  I wasn't trying to appease anyone, just kept the music honest. The production style of "Down" is so captivating and you've matched your lyrics to it so well! How do you go about your production process and decide on the feel for each song?

Thank you I really appreciate that. In terms of production, I have to shout out Stuart Brignell, who worked on this track and made it sound amazing. But generally, if I write from scratch alone, I make demos on my laptop because I hear the arrangement in my head as I write. The feel comes from how the combination of the melody and chords sound. Then I send the demo to my producer, Stuart, and he is able to understand the energy I'm going for and he creates the tracks based on the demos. It's really collaborative because he adds things and tweaks ideas and really refines everything. Did you study music while abroad in Toronto? If not, how did your education keep you inspired?

Yes, I did study music in Toronto. It was a great experience. And honestly learning about Jazz theory in depth, lifting solos, organizing shows and sessions, and also being around so many incredibly talented musicians really stayed with me. It set a really strong foundation for me creatively. What can fans anticipate next from you?

More music for sure! There will be new music coming out before the year is out. I can't wait to share it with everyone.



Twitter: https://twitter.com/kiz__met