Raised on TV Opens up About Their Latest Release "Truth Hurts", Their Own Rendition of Lizzo

Hey Raised on TV, welcome to BuzzMusic! We were nothing but intrigued to hear Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” in an alt-rock style. What made you guys want to cover this song specifically? At the time, we were looking to cover songs that people wouldn't expect us to cover. We also wanted to cover a song that would be fun for us to play. Kacey, our drummer, was really into Lizzo when she started blowing up and suggested we try covering "Truth Hurts." We gave it a shot, and it felt like a challenge in a way to see if we could do it. Once we had something down, it was super fun to play and we started playing it at shows and got a great reaction. So, that's what lead to us recording and releasing it.

What was it like growing up and both of you being musically inclined? Did you come from a musical family?

It was great, and we did come from a musical family. Our mom didn't play but she was always taking us to shows and that definitely instilled a love of live music within us early on. Our dad does play, and so Keaton's early guitar lessons came from him. He was a big inspiration when it came to starting to play.

Who were some musical inspirations for both of you? Any genres that helped shape your style?

John Lennon was definitely a big musical inspiration for both of us. His songwriting, his attitude toward music and art in general, the way he kept evolving as an artist. Dave Grohl was another big inspiration for similar reasons. The main genres that helped shape our style were really different forms and eras of rock music, going back to the 1950s with guys like Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. The rock of the 60s and 90s has probably had the strongest influence. The bands that were really about cultivating their songwriting: The Beatles, The Who, The Zombies, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.

Was “Truth Hurts” the first cover you guys recorded? Are there any other cover recordings in the works for Raised on TV?

It is the first cover we recorded actually. We have one more in the works right now! A song from Big Sean! We won't say more than that.

You're keeping us on our feet with your music and we love it! What can fans anticipate next from Raised on TV?

That's awesome to hear! Thank you. Fans can definitely anticipate Raised on TV's next series of releases, whether it's singles, covers, or an album, to be different and new. We're trying to push ourselves to make the best music we can make in the studio and we're holding ourselves to a high standard. We're pushing ourselves as musicians and songwriters, and not accepting anything lower than the standard we're setting out.

Listen to Raised on TV here.