Rays of Acoustic Tenors Fall Upon Fourth Born's "Snow"

James Stephens is a Toronto-based artist who was born and raised in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Being a singer-songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist, he has been enticing his listeners by releasing his musical creations under the moniker of Fourth Born. Before the pandemic, Fourth Born was attempting to break into the Toronto music scene through a full-time performance gig doing solo covers and decided to drive cross country and plant trees when the live music economy took a plunge.

Fourth Born's music strives to introduce something unique and raw to the table. He projects authentic vocals alongside cohesive, yet visually stimulating lyrics. The sound of Fourth Born is self-proclaimed as Alternative Folk/Rock, with his musical influences being Mumford and Sons, Bahamas, Modest Mouse, The Weather Station, and Nick Drake.

As we embark on the sonic voyage of Fourth Born's five-track EP, 'Snow,' we can't help but realize the warmth that each song carries in the overall conveyance of his grippingly raw nature exemplified. We are effortlessly pulled into an inviting embrace of acoustic elements that produce a signal of compassion and wistful tenors. Transitioning through pulses of slow to mid-tempo, the legitimacy that significantly lives in each song is faultlessly positioned. The intentions that run through the tracklist fixate our attention on not only each song individually but as we navigate our ways through the brilliant resonance as an entirety.

The extensive vocal range of Fourth Born's unique timbres exudes a grasp of the reality of lived experiences in the foreground of his life. Turning those moments into sweet melodic creations that touch on our innermost retrospective thoughts, the comfort that is delivered makes us feel right at home. The opening single, "Got High, Too High," immediately sets the tone of stimulating inquisitiveness that is both thought-provoking and indulging simultaneously.

There are many layers that seamlessly evolve from one song into another. Fourth Born has a way of taking the soothing elements he fashions and producing a welcoming ambiance that clamps onto us like a bear hug, even when speaking about the frailer moments faced in a lifetime as he does in, "One More Day."

In a composition that portrays both a minimalistic and intricate soundscape, the impeccable use of timing and spatial hues is poignant. It allows the down moments to infiltrate your headspace as you simmer in the tantalizing energy that Fourth Born portrays as his fervent tenors back him up on the sonic battlefield.