Rays of Light Exude From The Moonshoots’ EP 'Golden Hour'

Los Angeles Alt-Rock/soul band The Moonshoots drops their ear-pleasing EP 'Golden Hour'.

Led by Robert Felsted Jr. and Kate Felsted, with supporting instrumentation from Schuyler Schweers (Guitar), James Albis (Rhodes, Moog), and Dave Witter (Drums). The Moonshoots have been busy creating original music for indie film soundtracks, mastering classic movie soundtracks, and showcasing their work in a two-year residency at Hollywood Improv.

Their latest EP “Golden Hour” was the amalgamation of all these tasks, and not to mention simply wanting to provide listeners with a soundtrack to their lives, The Moonshoots’ EP “Golden Hour” doesn’t fall short of that.

Starting off the EP with the sweet alternative instrumentation through the intro track “Sunrise Daydream''. A mid-tempo track that begins as soft as satin, while Kate Felsted’s vocals calmly appear. She graces us with beautiful melodies and lyrics that surround a dream being interrupted by the sunrise. The mesmerizing acoustic guitar keeps the track at a very mellow place, helping us reflect on the dreams we encounter once we close our eyes for the night. The Moonshoots tied in heavy soul aspects to this track and started off the EP with deep-running emotions.

Getting into more of a funkier groove with “Midday Mantra”, from the jump we’re met with vibrant electric guitar riffs, upbeat percussion, and Kate Felsted’s clear vocals. This song's message can genuinely speak to any audience, seeing as the lyrics surround not letting your relationship with money ruin your mood, because at the end of the day even if you don’t have all the money in the world, there’s priceless love waiting for you somewhere. A very bright song, especially with Kate Felsted’s layered vocals at the hook we can feel a heavy sense of belonging.

Taken back to the era of funk with “LA (On Fire)”, from the beginning the song lets out these nostalgic synths that ring similar to the top charts of the late ’70s. A mid-tempo beat and groovy electric guitar keep the song moving, while this time we finally hear Robert Felsted Jr.’s vocals along with Kate Felsted’s. Their voices blend so perfectly, while they sing with passion about the tragic fires that spread around California and destroyed many homes in its way. The Moonshoots have done a sublime job of tying in meaning to their music, as well as messages that are easily relatable.

A softer intro sweeps the next track “Hey Wayward”, sounding similar to alternative and folk instrumentation that’s incredibly calming and steady. A reflective song where Kate Felsted sings poetic lyrics of a sad break up where many words were left unsaid. Around the hook, Robert Felsted Jr. supports with harmonic background vocals that perfectly enhance the heartbreaking lyrics. Kate sings how she’ll wait for someone to return someday, instead of pushing someone away. The story this song provides hits the heart straight on, and all the way through it’s exceptionally supported by the heartfelt instrumentals.

Kicking the energy up a notch with “Superhero”, the introduction takes us back to funky synths and upbeat rhythm. The Moonshoots have truly perfected musical emotion, as their instrumentals perfectly set up the mood of the song without a single lyric. A lighthearted song that lets you take a break from your woes and question, ‘why so serious?’. Robert Felsted Jr. and Kate Felsted go back and forth vocally on this track and take the vibes up from the previous song. Tying in the imagery of a superhero coming to swoop his Lois Lane, and keeping his significant other safe and at peace.

A cheerful introduction meets “Window Wide Open”, through melodic keyboards, soft percussion, and mellow acoustic guitar. Robert Felsted Jr. takes this track by storm and vocalizes with clarity about finding happiness from your surroundings, from humans to mother nature. Around the hook, Kate Felsted joins in to harmonize with Robert, and the two of them create such a captivating atmosphere that’s difficult to escape. The song grows more powerful with each beat, and by the end, The Moonshoots have created an overall heartfelt track for all to enjoy.

Ending off the EP with the last track “Space”, we noticed that The Moonshoots have released a music video for this song which shouldn't go unmentioned. First off, we have to mention that the song is so groovy and funky, it moves back and forth between different tempos really highlighting the timeless era of funk. The music video consists of the quarantined Moonshoots giving a soulful performance with very high energy. From bedrooms, forests, and the bright shoreside, the music video for “Space” is pretty ironic seeing as everyone is needing space nowadays. We can feel The Moonshoots humor through the music video, as it provides a warm human touch and overall entertaining content.

We’re remarkably impressed with The Moonshoot’s entire EP “Golden Hour”, from heartbreak to love, the band has shown a variety of emotions and exuded nothing but pure talent the entire way through.

You can find "Golden Hour" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Moonshoots! We’re loving the concepts and instrumentals you’ve provided with your entire EP “Golden Hour”. When did the band begin to create songs for the EP, and were some songs older than others?

We've been writing music for over a decade in various outlets, but began work on this EP seven years ago with the song "LA On Fire," written about the volume of opportunity and success that can be found in Los Angeles. It'sagroove that captures how great it feels to live in LA, pursuing and achieving our dreams. "Superhero" and "Window Open Wide" are also older songs that have been perfected over the years as we developed our unique sound. 

Within your EP “Golden Hour”, The Moonshoots bring in an array of genres from funk, soul, pop, and alt-rock. What inspired the instrumentation for the songs, and how did you go about shifting from one sound to the next?

Each member of the band brings their influences and skill to the EP, making it somewhat of an enigma to categorize, but the messages of the lyrics and the overall feeling of the songs are how we determine where the sound will go. Robert, Dave, James, and Schuyler have been life-long collaborators and have developed a shorthand for arranging and writing new material. Kate developed her voice by training in jazz, soul, and rock; bringing an earthy element to the sound, another two octaves of range, writing harmonies with purposeful dissonance and tasty resolve, and much needed feminine perspective that sets this music apart from their music in the past.

Speaking on the music video for your outro track “Space”, we can really see the lively people behind The Moonshoots. Even though you were quarantined, was there any sort of concept that you wanted the music video to provide?

Since touring isn't an option right now, we utilized our experience in the entertainment industry to create content that demonstrates how much fun we have playing these songs. "Space" is about respecting boundaries amid working closely together. It is especially poignant in quarantine because Kate and Robert have not spent a waking moment apart for over three months. The rest of the band lives on the opposite side of the country, which highlights another theme in this video: how rewarding it is to utilize our increased spare time to connect and work on something fun together, at a very safe distance. 

The Moonshoots’ EP “Golden Hour” has seven detailed songs from top to bottom. Which track do you think had the most growth since you first started writing it?

"Superhero" has had many iterations, some more electronic, some more subdued, and we are proud of the pocket it has settled into. We develop songs over the years by being open to change, taking risks, and are rewarded when we hear the growth of this track, because we took the time to make it just right. 

What's next for you?

You won't have to wait for seven years! We've got some excellent music videos and single releases in the works, along with our "Bonfire Sessions" video series of socially-distanced acoustic sets, performed in the relaxing natural landscape of California. Coming your way this summer!