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Razrfish Serves Up Some “Escargot,” In A New Single

From Rumson, New Jersey, to Los Angeles, California, the genre-bending recording artist and producer Razrfish releases a fresh and groovy single entitled "Escargot."

Known for his alternative and eclectic music, Razrfish fuses genres like alternative rock, hip-hop, and EDM. He's also a charismatic MC, vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and talented engineer with a demonstrated ability to defy genre norms and create his own unique path in the industry. Since moving to Los Angeles, Razrfish has continued to broaden his fanbase thanks to his evolving and authentic sound.

Now releasing his heavy-hitting and groovy single, "Escargot," Razrfish introduces us to his dynamic, intense, and well-rounded sound alongside his conceptual and ominous lyrical content. The song is more than intriguing; it's sonically and lyrically captivating from each hazy and atmospheric aspect that Razrfish has to offer.

Diving into "Escargot," the track kicks off with heavy synths and drums to give off a perfectly savory and intense hip-hop sonic atmosphere. As Razrfish jumps into his whispery and mysterious vocal delivery, he tells a story of his fast-paced lifestyle and the many luxurious endeavors he gets himself into.

We love the authentic production that Razrfish delivers in this track; he truly showcases his ability to heat up the song from each and every aspect. As he continues delivering his powerhouse and flavorful bars, Razrfish continues to ride the dark and mysterious beat while leaving us locked in and engaged the entire time. As the wavy production leads us to the song's end, Razrfish leaves us with nothing but resilience and heat.

Feed yourself with Razrfish's latest hit, "Escargot," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Razrfish, we love the authentic and intense listening experience you've provided with your new single, "Escargot." What inspired you to create this dynamic and exciting tune?

The main inspiration behind creating the song escargot was mainly an ode to west coast G funk. as a Los Angeles resident and disciple to hip hop I had not yet made what I considered to be my "West Coast anthem" growing up in New Jersey with the New York influence there was plenty of east coasts new york influenced songs I had made, but I felt all of my really "West Coast " style music came in the form of Hard and Alt-rock, I really wanted G-funk in my sector.

What was your creative process like when formulating the sonics and production for "Escargot?" Did you work solo on this process?

I did work solo on this process, I got this beat from my good friends at Beatstars. the Vocal production and penning of the lyrics were done by me. Yet again the main focus was both vocals, cadence, and lyricism was centered around it being a classic Razrfish style fused with the best vibes of g funk hip hop.

Was there a particular message or concept that you wanted to convey with your bars in "Escargot?" What did you want your listeners to take away?

I wanted to be as braggadocio as possible, I remember listening to Akrite, Hittman, Snoop, Kurupt, ice cube, seeing all the lowriders, and money, I was like these guys are on cloud 9, and I want to make the listeners feel how I felt when listening to these songs and albums- limitless.

Could you tell us more about why you create such dynamic and wide-ranging music? Why did you choose to be so explorative and adventurous with your sonic creations?

I want to start with, I really appreciate this question. furthermore, I remember seeing and hearing artists talking about getting pigeonholed into one style and sound due to maki in an album a certain style, therefore their fanbase expected one style and sound, which is totally understandable. However, I believe an album to be a mosaic of emotions, feelings, and influences. distorted guitars for the thunderous intro, to east coast boom bap, stopping at jazz, a quick nod to g funk, a little bit of alt beachy ska, ending with an ode to humanity over violins to end the album, I looked at it like this; if I continue to make dynamic sounds and songs as I go along and pick up fans, by the time I have a large following my catalog will be so diverse who is to say anything is off limits!

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