Relax and Relfect with AUS10 in Latest EP Release, "Matter of Fact"

California artist Austin Windom, known artistically as AUS10, is an independent Hip/Hop and Rap artist looking to make big waves within the current music industry.

With an elaborate music journey thus far, already creating various mixes and performing at various venues across Los Angeles, AUS10 has only begun crafting his resumé.

Striving to communicate various lessons and experiences he's endured, AUS10 has recently manifested his album, "Matter of Fact", which highly focuses on vulnerability, as well as reality. 

AUS10 doesn't waste any time with the start of his EP, getting right into things on the first track, "Dope Forever".

The narrative of this track explores confidence in life and establishing one's career. Not only is the track honing in its focus on the realities of building yourself, but it also delves into pure introspection. Keeping the theme of the track in mind, its production is crafted in a repetitive way, ensuring that the focus is truly on the verses of AUS10. 

Already establishing a good first impression with "Dope Forever", AUS10 decides to shake up the energy with "Million Dollar Mind". With more use of lo-fi beats, "Million Dollar Mind" is able to feel more comprehensive and eccentric compared to "Dope Forever". The versatility of AUS10 gets accurately depicted within this track, and the use of witty metaphors elevates the content of the song. AUS10 normalizes changing one's personality in order to reach success within "Million Dollar Mind".

Honing more into the negative aspects of a personality that must be warped in order to have refined success, "Million Dollar Mind" is emulating confident energy with reflective components. Depicting his journey thus far, "Million Dollar Mind" gets listeners more familiar with the aspirations of AUS10 and how he understands the pathway to advancement. 

The EP's third track, "Work You", brings listeners a comical perspective with witty and amusing verses being performed by AUS10. "Work You" puts more emphasis on current trends, including styles within the production that brings that quality hyped-up kind of energy. Influences transverse from various artists, and if you pay close enough attention, you'll quickly pick up on the artists we're thinking of. Bringing the ambiance more toward old-school instrumentation with "My Own", AUS10 effortlessly shows off his wordplay and lyrical jabs of witticisms. 

"Family Tree" is the next track we're introduced to, and AUS10 brings back those characterizable lo-fi collections that are able to amplify the EP's climate, providing a hazier and more passive listening environment. There's zero hesitation when it comes to the delivery of "Family Tree" and the morale of AUS10 is absolutely distinguishable. "Feeling Myself" holds a similar presence to "Family Tree", but with a slower-paced execution. The attention never diverts from AUS10 and his performance, as his alluring magnetism is always potently present. Focusing on difficult decisions, realities of entertainment, and feelings of lust, "Feeling Myself" elaborates on many themes, all whilst making listeners feel their most self-reliant selves. 

Finally, we reach the end of AUS10's EP with "All Day Long", a track that brings back a similar familiarity to the start of the EP. "All Day Long" ventures along with the positive aspects of hard work and realizing how work ethic can put someone on an entirely different level. We're getting an intriguing perspective of AUS10 with this particular single, and he goes into more vulnerable aspects of his life that allow listeners to feel more personable with him as an artist.

All in all, AUS10 provided entertaining lyricism with versatile energies, ultimately authenticating his presence as a dynamic music artist, and leaving us curious to see where his skillfulness takes him next. 

Your EP, "Matter of Fact" unraveled the story of your own personal experiences and trivia times. Considering the amount of authenticity pouring into each track, which track on the EP did you feel was most difficult to write and record based on content alone?

While every song on this project hits the spirit in a unique way, because of all the years I’ve been practicing my craft I wouldn’t say there was very much difficulty in writing each song individually. Songs such as "Family Tree" and "My Own" are two examples of songs I would say took a bit more time in creating because there were fine details as specific as a simple word switch to make a bar make sense. Like changing “of” to “the” for example. Also, while these songs are so personal & the messages are so strong on these two, my goal was to zone in on the lyrics closely and make sure I get a clear message across in the dopest way possible. 

What kind of inspiration did you source out in order to come up with the initial vision for creating "Matter of Fact?" Was there a certain event that stimulated the creation of this EP?

After the pandemic became more apparent and I realized I would have to spend more time indoors, in which I’ve been pretty used to doing anyway, I decided to purchase some studio equipment and take a big step forward in the process of learning to record myself, do some mixing and I basically find my sound myself. I just realized I should and could do it, “what better time than now?” I said to myself. Once I got comfortable, developed an efficient workflow, and saved up enough to get some beat licenses I started on creating what soon became MATTER OF FACT.

What kind of general atmosphere were you hoping to create for your listeners with "Matter of Fact", and how did this particular EP contrast from other single releases you've had in the past?

MATTER OF FACT is a 7 song project I’ve created intentionally with the listener in mind. My goal for this project was simply to make dope music in the most creative way I could conceive at the time with minimal resources, time on my hands, and only 7 beats. When it first starts you hear an echoing “ooooh” that a Hip Hop lover would instantly be drawn on too, it’ll make you think “what is he about to say over this?”. Then as you continue listening through the project, to stay engaged, I like to switch it up. I want the listener to feel like they are on a roller coaster lyrically how I switch up the style with every song.

Where do you see the bulk of your sound extending to from here? Are there any new directions you're planning on taking in the near future?

As I am always creating new music I am excited to see where it takes me. I also definitely see myself being commended and getting attention from the greats of Hip Hop soon, standing near and working close to them as well, It’s just a matter of time. I didn’t start rapping to just be mediocre, I’ve always wanted to get better and where I’m at right now lyrically is minuscule compared to where I will be in the future. I’m striving for excellence and over time it will continue to be apparent.

Did you go into 2020 with any goals with your music?

I’ve always been one to create music frequently but this year I actually wanted to travel more & perform. In the earlier years leading into 2020, I became comfortable with performing live and wanted to turn it up but due to the pandemic, I stayed in for my own safety and for the safety of others. Now I am just immersing myself in learning more about the business side of it and how I can benefit from owning the rights as a 23-year-old record label owner, among other things as well I’ve been investing time in. Overall my goal with my music and as an artist is and will continue to be the following: Continue to develop myself as an artist, Own as much of my music rights as possible, Make GREAT music (good is not good enough for me anymore), and reach new listeners.