Reveal Your True "Colors," to WITHOUT A SIN

French Alternative Pop group WITHOUT A SIN is comprised of Amin Korchi (vocals), Maxence Thibaux (guitar, and Remi Gustavson (drums).

Filled with an emo aesthetic and inspired by artists such as Bring Me The Horizon, Chase Atlantic, and The Weeknd. The trio from Paris intends to deliver a mix of a darker ambiance and surge of high energy throughout the entirety of their sonic and visual explorations.

With the release of WITHOUT A SIN’s second single, “Colors,” we’re lured into their enticing universe of evocative melodies and absorbing hues that foreshadow the release of their forthcoming EP. Ominous tenors accompany a buoyant essence that lies deep in the layers of this composition as an entirety.

Pairing the foreboding essence that is locked into “Colors,” with the cinematic components of a dark lit setting, hues of crimson and indigo take over the screen as we feel the expression of pain and anguish in a manner that listeners can fluently relate to. Rhythmically immersing their audience in anticipation to fuel the tortuously crafted lyrics, “Colors,” sheds light on the narrative of lead vocalist Amin Korchi being betrayed by his former best friend and girlfriend.

Ardently performing from a place of vulnerability, emotions are heightened as we section off into intimate details fervently pulsing throughout the words executed. With the main scenes of the visuals consisting of two individuals in separate bedrooms letting out their frustration in rage-filled actions, the scenes jump out at you as intricately crafted. No detail was overturned when WITHOUT A SIN fashioned the mesmerizing video that not only tells the story of Amin Korchi but demonstrates the authenticity in the story elaborated throughout the filmic component allowing our minds to navigate through a course of emotion that reflect similarities to the genuine details that WITHOUT A SIN conveys in an edge fueled power ballad.

Embarking on a journey of hurt, betrayal, and loyalty, WITHOUT A SIN, shows the power behind people's true colors.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, WITHOUT A SIN. The dominance that is placed behind “Colors,” has us fully invested in this song, and now ready for what the EP is going to showcase. What inspired you all to have this song be the lead single from the upcoming project?

First, thanks a lot for having us here! We are glad you liked our single "Colors!" It means a lot, we worked really hard on it. "Colors" is a part of our EP, but not the lead single of it. On the other hand, it is a taste of what awaits you with our EP. "Colors" is about an episode of Amin's life (the singer): betrayed by his former best friend and girlfriend. The lyrics deliver intimate details about the course of emotions he went through. We wanted to share these personal feelings that are some relatable things that anybody could experience. Whatever the difficulties, you are never alone. By the way, if you want to leave this interview with guesswork/research, the EP's name is hidden somewhere in the lyrics of one of our first two singles...

Could you please share the creative process that was ventured when bringing this song to life? How did each band member contribute to the desired sound?

Firstly, we had a story to share. So we originally came up with few guitar riffs, that we later structured - to then add synths, trap percussions, and vocals on top of it. Also since we were in lockdown in France (and still we are lol), we had to work together on the WITHOUT A SIN discord server with our friend and producer Matthieu Kirby. We ended up working on Colors for several nights, by calling and streaming our screens at the same time. By the way, our discord server is open to anyone who would join us!

Everything about the music video is so professionally executed! Could you please take us into what it was like on the set and how long it took for the filming and editing to take place?

The shooting of the music video has been prepared for a long time in advance. The first steps were to find the general ideas of the MV: what we would show on the screen, and how we could deliver the right message with our MV. Then, came the idea of places and plans. We had to find several places and how to bring these places to life. We had a lot of pre-filming work with preparing the bus to hide the lights with sheets and give that nocturnal atmosphere with neon lights, and light effects giving the impression that the bus was moving. There had also considerable work on the outfits. They are really important, as they reflect the identity of the band. We all agree in the band, to say that the most difficult moments were the scenes on the bus. It was a hot day, and being on a bus was not the best idea. But still, this dark atmosphere was what we had in mind; and we don't regret it haha. Finally, it took us 2 days shooting our MV, counting 1 month of preparation beforehand. It was a great experience, we loved the process of creating the MV.

Is there a significance to the colors that you choose to use in the “Colors,” music video?

You'll find "it went all black and red, all over my head" in the lyrics and Amin thought it painted exactly what he was going through, all the oppression, destruction, hurt of being betrayed are symbolized by the red lights and black outfits. And in the end, when we discover that the guy was cheating, the scene is blue, and this color is supposed to represent the truth and in this case, it was a horrific truth.

What's next for you?

We want to release a third and last single/Music Video at the same time as the EP!

Expect something very dark, nocturnal, bittersweet, and hopefully catchy enough.