Riley Phillips Comes out With a Genuine Sound in Single Release "Warmth"

Riley Phillips is an 18-year-old singer/songwriter, hailing all the way from Roanoke, Virginia! Riley Phillips found his love for music not too long ago, but once listening to his tracks, you'd never guess he's a baby artist in the music scene. Riley's voice is maintained at a level that ensures consistency, and the intricate craftings he chooses to embed and warp is what makes his sound incredibly mellow. His most recent release, titled "Warmth" features components exactly as mentioned, and it's the best collection of what makes Riley Phillips the artist he is. "Warmth" is an incredibly ironic title for the recent song release of Riley Phillips. His voice captures the essence of that warm, at-home feeling, and projects it within listeners. His vocal delivery integrates a very soft and slight rustic sound.

There's almost an element that's difficult to name but sounds very exclusive to the soundings of Riley. Nevertheless, we're feeling completely at peace listening to Riley Phillips, which is so incredible to accomplish as an artist. The best thing about artists and their music (at least in our opinions) is the ability for an artist to connect with their listener--being able to change their mood within an instant of listening, all due to the underlying melodies and delicately chosen lyricism. With "Warmth", it's clear to us that Riley Phillips has mastered that ability to connect. Check out "Warmth" here.