ROCKET Bursts Into The Scene With New Single, “Losing Breath”

If you’re into old school rock and looking for the ultimate high-energy song, ROCKET has your back.

Their new song, “Losing Breath” starts with an opening that is sure to keep you intrigued. These guitar tones are bound to open your mind to bigger things, not to mention the hook they play to start the song.

After we heard this, we’ve determined their sound be as bold as the color black. From the moment the drums reverberate into your bones, ROCKET will have you locked in and mesmerized. The bass guitar acts as the backbone of all the excitement and provides a solid foundation to the mix. The lead singer blows us away with her range and ability to belt loud and proud for everyone to hear. 

Though, ROCKET has a special element to their band dynamic; confidence. Every player holds their ground yet allow themselves to mesh into each other to create the most influential, collaborative music.

ROCKETpulls of distortion as if they were born to create rock music, and we have no doubt they were. Whether you’re a rock fan or not, ROCKET has created a hard-hitting, punchy groove in their new song, “Losing Breath” and you don’t want to miss it.

Discover “Losing Breath” here.