Sabolious and Thera P. Let Us in on "The Secret"

Hailing from Vienna, Austria, the multi-instrumentalist and producer Sabolious teams up with the jazzy vocal stylings of Thera P. for their latest single and music video, "The Secret."

Exploring a variety of sounds and genres within his music, Sabolious found himself immersed in the vibes of reggae, hip-hop/trap, world music, and electronic. Now establishing his record label Anaves Music, Sabolious is eager to record and promote various artists worldwide.

Teaming up with vocalist Thera P. for their latest single and music video, "The Secret," Sabolious soaks us in a mesmerizing and refreshing atmosphere through his dancehall/jazzy approach and Thera P.'s captivating vocal stylings. Through the song's minimalist and conceptual music video, listeners are able to get to know the faces behind the sweet sounds.

Diving into the music video for Sabolious' single, "The Secret," we're met with an intro shot of vocalist Thera P. in front of a turquoise backdrop, serenading us with nothing but a microphone. As her red lips and red hair keep us locked on Thera P.'s soulful performance, she continues to leave us in awe of her broad and jazzy vocal stylings that are all the more complemented by the groovy and island-esque production/instrumentals from Sabolious as well as Monsieur Knabberdub and Three Lake Music, who both contributed remixes of Sabolious' original track.

There's truly a diverse range of sounds/approaches within this single, as Sabolious and Thera P. leave us bobbing along with the mid-tempo drums and warm sonic feel. With the addition of Sabolious' soulful saxophone grooving its way through the track, we land upon the outro where Thera P. continues serenading us with her warm and flavorful tones.