Sam Janesko Releases New Single "Breakthrough"

It's really not long after you begin listening to the Revolving Man EP by Sam Janesko, that you get an understanding for his obvious love for experimental guitar playing. "Breakthrough", the first single from the record, shows his ability to not only have loads of fun getting your attention with guitar hooks left and right, but also his ability to do this throughout a pop song. The track  feels ever changing and honestly once it grabs hold  of you, it doesn't  let go easily. The EP is indeed a form of pop rock, but it's a pop rock that knows less boundaries than the norm. Slightly experimental, a little progressive, and even spaced out at times, you almost have to sort of stop to soak it all in before playing it again. Either way this record is a lot of fun and well worth your time. And hey if you have some time, you might as well  listen right here.