San Francisco Alt-Rock Band Couch Surf is Blowing Us Away With Their Latest Hit “Don’t Trip”

San Francisco based alternative Pop-Rock band Couch Surf released their anticipated single “Don’t Trip”. Starting as a solo project, but developing into a full band with multiple musicians, Couch Surf has been expanding to more live venues throughout the state of California and will be moving into other states with their music leading them full force. While planning a SoCal tour for the summer of 2020, Couch Surfis breaking boundaries for alt-rock/pop bands and providing listeners with exceptionally moving music. From raw haunting vocals to the band’s incredible dreamy instrumentation, Couch Surfis undeniably a band to keep track of.

“Don’t Trip” begins with serene acoustic guitar picking, and is backed up with a down-tempo drum beat and faint plucky background strings. While incorporating a well-rounded track with an incredibly melodic violin-like synth exuding the song’s melancholy mood and emotional tension. While anticipating the arrival of the lead vocalists low and haunting vocals. Moving from major to minor keys, the band knows how to channel emotional energy through their instrumentation. With lyrics like “I’ll say don’t wait to be happy, you’ll say don’t wait, you’ll be happy when I’m gone” Couch Surf has created a moving and emotional piece of music, definitely worth listening to.

Listen to "Don't Trip" here.

Hey there Couch Surf, welcome back to BuzzMusic! We’re incredibly excited to feature your latest single “Don’t Trip”. Could you share where you drew inspiration for the track?

Thanks for having us! Funny enough, Taylor wrote the riff for the song over 10 years ago but some recent personal events somehow reminded him of it and the lyrics and flow just came naturally. The song is essentially about the creation and destruction of personal relationships.

Your band has a very authentic and alternative sound, who were some major influences for your group and why?

The Strokes will never cease to be one of our major influences. Even when we write songs for completely different genres, their thoughts on song structure and counter melodies will always have an impact on us.

“Don’t Trip” is an exceptionally well-rounded track. How can you as a group determine when a track is finished and should stop being edited?

That's a great question. It really depends on if Taylor comes into practice with a completed song or just a simple riff. Either way, we generally practice a song, record it, analyze it and then see what's missing from there. Sometimes songs can go through 20 revisions, sometimes only one or two. But we generally like to come to a compromise on the revisions so everyone still likes the song.

You’re planning a SoCal tour for this summer! Any cities or venues you’re excited about?

We would definitely like to come down to SoCal for a weekend or two this summer. While nothing is booked yet we'd love to play in San Diego and LA.

Thank you for talking with us Couch Surf. What can fans anticipate next from the band?

We'll be releasing a new single next month and a music video for "Don't Trip" in June.