Sanjeev Dhanie Delivers a Heartfelt Rendition of Noah Cyrus’ “July”

The one and only Sanjeev Dhanie was born in Trinidad and Tobago; he decided to take the leap into traveling abroad to pursue his post-secondary education. Amidst the chaos of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanjeev Dhanie decided to use music as an outlet for expressing inhibited emotions and finding a source of comfort and happiness during these stagnant times.

Nervous about making the initial step, Sanjeev Dhanie put his vulnerability on the line to pursue the burning passion that he held within him since the young age of six. We had the chance to listen to the delightful cover of Noah Cyrus’ “July,” with the heartfelt flavor that only Sanjeev Dhanie can exude.

Sanjeev Dhanie’s cover of “July” begins with the earnest embrace of soft chords strummed in a simplistic yet elegant manner on the instrumentation set forth. The composition is reminiscent of the original by Noah Cyrus but dusted with his delicate zest. Sanjeev Dhanie has a striking vocal presentation as he sings the sweet lyrics that Noah Cyrus originally scripted for this wistful piece. The reverberated warmth of Sanjeev Dhanie’s vocals instantly puts you at ease as you sink into your seat to truly listen and feel each harmonious melody he shelters as he gives a wholehearted performance.

This emotionally touching record tugs at your heartstrings as a story is painted of heartbreak, longing, and despair. It shines a light on the emotions that you shed when one leaves your life, and you revisit every possible outcome that could have occurred. Sanjeev Dhanie leaves you in a nostalgic headspace as he conveys these words of passion. You can’t help but be left holding onto each memory of that special someone as your speakers fill with the profound evolution of the cover of “July” that Sanjeev Dhanie delivers to us sonically.

Congratulations on the release of your cover of “July,” originally composed by Noah Cyrus, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love your take on this beautiful composition. Could you please tell us, what inspired you to choose this song as your first official release?

Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate the positive feedback I have received so far! Ironically, I discovered the original song in July of 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The songs I listen to usually have woeful lyrics and this one in particular evoked emotions that could potentially resonate with different people and circumstances. After having Noah Cyrus’ song, “July,” in my head for a while, I made the impulsive decision to record a cover.

Could you please take us into what the recording process looked like when recording your cover of “July?”

With regards to the recording process of this cover, initially, I was a bit nervous. I worked with a local producer, Jay Baty, and it was my first time recording with him. The COVID-19 pandemic made me extra self-conscious about collaborating with others in general, but we were the only individuals in the recording studio, and we made sure to follow mandated precautions.

How was the creative process when covering this record? Have you ever written any originals? If so, what is the difference between the process for you?

Well, since I was a bit nervous, I remember that feeling impacted my first take of this song—so it took some time for me to get a decent-sounding take. Eventually—with some help from Jay—we were able to make something I was satisfied with. Otherwise, I have written some originals before—some aren’t 100% completed. With originals, sometimes it is challenging to decide whether I would like to record it, or how I would like to complete it because my emotions and the things I relate to tend to change/evolve into something different. However, I enjoy singing covers because it is a convenient outlet to express ‘spur-of-the-moment’ emotions and to experience certain things vicariously.

As an up and coming artist on the scene, what would you like your listeners to take away from the pieces you release?

I would like listeners to know that I aspire to release music of different styles/genres, instead of keeping my catalog confined to one sound. This is because I enjoy listening to a variety of artists who may contrast each other’s musical styles.

What other songs do you wish to cover in the future?

I have a few ideas, so it gets difficult when it comes to narrowing down one particular song to cover, however, I would like to cover a song by either Amy Winehouse or Lana Del Rey.