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SATNIK Brings a Blast From the Past With Their Fiery Single, "Sphinx"

Just when you thought Big Room had left the building, SATNIK shows up with a stimulating and energetic single titled, "Sphinx." The masked DJ's are bound to captivate through their sound residing in Bass, Big Room, Electro, Future, Slap, and Deep. With music resembling that of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, W&W, and a 2015 Steve Aoki, SATNIK has shown us that Big Room is a sound that never dies; instead, gets reworked to fit modern-day production trends.

With their latest hit, "Sphinx," SATNIK gives us a blast from the past while tweaking the Big Room-inspired production to capture the ears of modern-day listeners. With an intoxicating drop that fires us up for more heated tracks, we can't seem to shake the song's hi-fi synth melodies that continuously replay in our minds.

"Sphinx" opens with immense energy from the jump, perfectly channeling those sweltering festivals flooded with ravers from front to back. The up-tempo beat and use of synths highly resemble Hardwell's style that strikes the listener with dynamic sonics, inevitably melting faces. With background synths pulsating at an incredibly quick pace, we can't seem to escape the blistering production that SATNIK has incorporated into this blazing single. Reaching the beats drop, this scorching and hi-fi siren acts as the focal point and exudes incredible rhythm for listeners to bounce around the beat.

From melodic synths and unique drum patterns to blistering sirens and incredible energy, SATNIK's latest hit "Sphinx" serves all the vibes we need to capture a festival from the comfort of our homes.

We can't get enough of the energy radiating off of your single, "Sphinx." What made you take this venture into Big Room for the single?

Big Room was our favorite genre all along, but throughout our solo career, we were forced to leave Big Room behind. Eventually, we both became sick and tired of the life we were living and so we got together to become who we are today and we are super thrilled with the chart positions we managed to get into with ‘Sphinx’. In just 2 days, we’re number 1 on Deezer Top 100 in Portugal, number 3 on iTunes top 200 in Portugal, and number 8 on Beatport Top 100 for Big Room. We still can’t believe all these great achievements and we’re so excited for the next releases we have ready to come out.

Speaking on the wild production within "Sphinx," did you have any artistic influences that might have impacted the song's style and approach?

‘Sphinx’ sent us on a ride! At some point, this track was meant to go into the rubbish folder, but luckily a great producer and friend of ours heard the track and said it sounded great and that he wanted to play the track at his gigs. At that moment we got the motivation we needed to take the track to where it is today and now, we’re never looking back!

Seeing as your single "Sphinx" resides within the subgenre of Big Room, which subgenre would you say you're most comfortable with and passionate about?

We love everything electronic, but our true passion lies between Big Room and Bass House. Both of us come from a “Big Room background” so it’s fair to say we’re most comfortable with Big Room. Nowadays we get to hear 80’s and 90’s top hits get revamped and turned into Slap House tracks and Deep House tracks. People are running out of ideas; most things have already been done and they’re forced to reinvent new EDM subgenres and give new names to something that already existed 10 or 15 years ago. Music is like fashion, it comes and goes, but then it ends up coming back again. This is what is happening with Big Room – many say “Big Room is dead”, it’s not dead, it’s just taking a rest! (laughs)

We've heard that you've ghostwritten for multiple DJ's and Producers who champion the Electronic industry. Could you enlighten us on these experiences and how they helped your own sound flourish?

That was a hell of an experience! (laughs) As you may know, we’re not allowed to mention names, but we definitely met some really great people in the industry and also not so great people, but we ended up meeting each other and that’s when our lives changed. Everything about ghostwriting was cool, but seeing songs we produced go viral and not being able to take any credit for it kind of hurt deep down, nevertheless, the overall experience was absolutely amazing and because of that experience, we now know a lot more than we did before. It helped us grow as independent artists and made us see the business as to how it really is and not how it’s presented.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

What a crazy year it has been! So far, for us, October has been the best month yet, now let’s see what the rest of the year has to offer for us. Either way, we have festivals, tours, and many surprises for 2021 so keep updated on our website and social media as we’ll post all upcoming events there! Thank you so much Buzz Music for taking us in for this interview and for your amazing support!



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