SEDA Offers A Powerful Viewpoint on Love With His Music

Puerto Rican Singer-Songwriter from New York City, SEDA displays a uniquely diverse stylistic approach to the music he creates.

From his impressive vocal performance to his powerful viewpoints on love it’s no surprise that he is creating such a buzz in the music industry.

His latest single, "One More Time," offers a chest full of emotional disposition. This single SEDA pulls from his influences of R&B and Pop and it feels like this song instantly captivates listeners with the kaleidoscopic display of his vocal dominions with resounding waltz-like choruses. If one thing is for sure about this track it’s that you’ll be repeating the catchword long after the song is done playing.

The slowdown of 2020 has allowed SEDA to reconnect with his music by creating much more new music and listening to more throwbacks than in years prior. In a recent interview with BuzzMusic SEDA tells listeners that “2021 will also be filled with new music as I have been extremely inspired and hope to venture out and write for other artists in the future.” He also told us about his plans to release a new single in early 2021 and a few other surprises that we cant spoil right now.

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You can learn more about him here.