Self Proclaimed ‘California Country’ Artist Mitch Bradford Blend Genres In “Love Is Kind”

Talented artist Mitch Bradford was born and raised in the small town of Brownsville, Texas. Growing up listening to influences such as Neil Young, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell, Bradford was immersed in music from a young age. After leaving his tech job behind to pursue a career in music full time, Mitch moved to Los Angeles. Fusing together his home roots, vintage influences and his newfound West Coast sound, Mitch Bradford developed an authentic ‘California Country’ aesthetic. 

“Love Is Kind” is a groovy new tune by Mitch Bradford. With undertones of blues and soul, it’s got enough heart to capture the listener's attention throughout. “Love Is Kind” is a flowing journey and a learning process. It’s all about learning that love is patient and “Love Is Kind”. True love requires sacrifice and hard work, but is ultimately worth it. Mitch Bradford's vocals are hypnotizing and alluring. He brings us in with a sweet vocal register and we stay for his sultry grit reciting vulnerable poetry. Overall, “Love Is Kind” is a spectacular single. It’s the title and intro track on Mitch Bradford’s album, which I highly recommend you check out. Stay on the lookout for this incredible artist, Mitch Bradford! 

Listen to “Love Is Kind” here and read more below in our chat with Mitch

Hi Mitch, welcome to BuzzMusic! How did moving from Brownsville to Los Angeles help shape who you are as an artist?

My music is "California Country" so it borrows from the country music of Brownsville and Texas, and the easy-breezy style of Los Angeles. It's a healthy merger of those two genres and both cities have shaped me. I love Los Angeles, but there's still a lot of Texas in me.

Can you dive into the lyrics in “Love Is Kind”? It’s a beautiful song and we’d love to hear your inspiration.

Thanks. I'm glad you dig it. I think the inspiration is just being in a relationship and maturation. It's about learning why I'm in a relationship and what love is all about. But I am open to interpretations. The songs become their own things. They grow and develop on their own. On their own terms.

What do you think is the best trend in country music right now?

Trends come and go. I try to do my own thing and stay true to myself. I think the most exciting thing going on is the number of great country bands in Los Angeles right now. There are enough great country bands here in LA to rival Nashville.  

What’s your live performance and stage presence like?

I try to have fun. Live and breathe the songs and stay open to them. The songs are always telling you how they want to be performed. But you have to listen to them. That's what I try to do on stage. People think I'm singing, but I'm listening.

What can listeners expect from your album “Love Is Kind”?

Some hot jams. There's something on there for everybody -- California country, border songs, ballads, love songs, some punk rock. It's an eclectic record and I think there's a song every one can dig.

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