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"Shake Shake," Brings the Bass as PARIAH is on the Rise

Watane Davis, who goes by the moniker Slong Danglr, is a 29-year-old San Diego-based rapper.

Blending together the borders of Underground Rap along with his own style of freestyling called R.A.P (Rhythm & Poetry), Slong Danglr has been recording music since the age of 16. Heavily influenced by artists such as Suga Free, E-40, and Dj-quick. Slong Danglr has performed at venues in San Diego such as Queen Bee’s, The Merrow, World Beat Center, Brick By Brick, and more using his platform to gain fans from across the globe.

Back with a full-on Trap fueled track titled “Shake Shake,” Slong Danglr returns as part of the duo PARIAH featuring Royal Ruler. In this dark realm of enticing weighty bass and perfectly timed kick drums, the colossal environment serves us up a hard-hitting reality as PARIAH laces this track with what they do best.

Embodying all trademarks of the new wave hits that are swarming the radio, the underground feel to this record has us grasping on to something that is raw and unfiltered, yet has the polished essence of mainstream appeal. Icy cadences glide onto the composition as Slong Danglr and Royal Ruler attack the beat in a way that eases the sharp edge of articulation and places the spotlight on the relaxed charisma that comes pouring from their unforgettable personas instead.

With both artists bringing various flavors to this composition, you can’t stop listening to the vigor they bring to the table as their artistic talents contrast one another for a final product that does not disappoint. PARIAH leads the pack in a way that carves out their placement in the industry while displaying their uniqueness to a fan base that remains on the hook of each musical creation they release.

Listen to "Shake Shake" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Slong Danglr, we love the atmosphere you create in “Shake Shake.” Could you please tell us more about the duo that is PARIAH? How did this come to be?

Well me and my brother Raje (Royal Ruler) I believe it was a Saturday night. We were deciding to come up with their wrap duo for San Diego music scene. At the time our mindsets were on something different we were listening to the Outcast album “Aquemini” I noticed both of their styles Had their own unique sound. And on top of that, the album title was both of their horoscope science Aquarius and Gemini Put together. After doing a little research of our own we found out OutKast definition is Pariah meaning Different doesn’t belong the outcast. After giving it some thought we took it and ran with it and that’s how Pariah was born

What is the inspiration behind “Shake Shake?" In your own words, what does it mean to you?

What “Shake Shake” means to me is the independent woman making her own move. From any direction, she chooses getting that bag some will say. A woman posting sexy pictures doesn't mean she's easy or looking for sex.

Is there a creative formula that you follow when constructing your music? Could you please share a glimpse into the process that brought “Shake Shake” to life?

The process of "Shake Shake" just began with just me looking at social media and how all young women are portrayed nowadays with only fans porn hub‘s feet fetish is so with "Shake Shake" we kind of put all that into one to give the listener to see what’s actually going on with the world so it’s not really a twerk song is injustice song for the young women around the world.

What are some differences in creating solo verses in a dynamic duo like PARIAH?

I couldn’t really say if there are any creative differences, if anything I will say creative motivation. We bounce off each other‘s vibe, we both give insight on what should we say and what should we not say, and that does a good job for us because two people are trying to figure out what the listener would like to hear. There’s no issue with us telling each other, "Hey man we shouldn’t put that in there" or "yeah that sh*t sounds dope let’s keep that."

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