Shariffa Nyan Is a Genre-Bending Powerhouse Who Made 2019 Her Bestfriend

2019 has been kind to many individuals but it has been an amazing year for Neo-Gospel artist Shariffa Nyan. This versatile, Indie artist is finishing the year stronger than ever with multiple Gospel award nominations & very memorable performances. She continues to be a blossoming indie powerhouse in the music world. Her hit singles “Heaven” and “Do It For Love” continued to receive college, national, and international syndicated radio play, gaining a strong traction and fan base for her music. Shariffa Nyan is far from a fresh rookie, Shariffa Nyan began etching out her own unique sound, coined "Neo-Gospel" back in 2014 with her debut single, "Toast to Success".

In 2016, she released her 2nd studio EP entitled "Every Part of Me" which allowed Shariffa to cultivate a far more diverse and broader reach. Shariffa Nyan has proved to be ahead of her time by fusing popular mainstream melodies with faith-based lyrics. Though it wasn't until the emergence of Kanye West's Sunday Service in 2019 that this style of genre-merging gained the recognition it deserved, Shariffa Nyan definitely helped pave the way. Shariffa is finishing her 3rd studio EP, entitled "Foreign" which is scheduled to release early 2020. Fans can expect another project delivering a sound that is fresh, creative and innovative with inspirational content that speaks to everyone.

Be on the lookout for this "Queen on the Rise" as she brings new collaborations, new partnerships, and more inspiration into 2020! Listen to Shariffa Nyan's music here.