Shine Bright During These “Dark Nights” With Malik Rose’s Descriptive Single

From Louisiana to Los Angeles, artist/rapper Malik Rose drops his introspective hit “Dark Nights”. After being inspired by certain rappers and their writing styles (Biggie, Jay-Z & J. Cole), he was compelled to create music of his own starting off in 2015. After getting radio play and international performances, Malik Rose became a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop industry. His latest release “Dark Nights” serves a dark and heavy atmosphere through prime hip hop production and perfect use of filters and effects. Malik Rose soars over the track with such talented flow and alluring vocals that keep our undivided attention.

With haunting ghost vocals, subtle yet eerie pads, and a burst of maniacal laughter, “Dark Nights” establishes it’s a heavy theme from the jump. His textured and conceptual rhymes portray an authentic yet semi self-deprecating message. Rapping that he’s trapped in his mind and how modern racism creates a dark division between society, we can’t help but resonate with Malik Rose and how he authoritatively speaks the truth. As he preaches to shine bright during these “Dark Nights”, what ties the track perfectly together is the deftly-produced beat with gripping sub-bass and A$AP Rocky-like ad-libs. With Malik Rose’s tightly-wound production and clean-cut flow, “Dark Nights” brings themes we can all relate to.

Listen to "Dark Nights" here.