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Shining A Spotlight On Grace Carey-Hill And Her Most Recent Release, “Ily”

This captivating, unique piece of art by Grace Carey-Hill reveals her niche plus her influences. "ily" has an abundance of emotions, from heartbreak to feeling nostalgic; the waves of emotion take you through a journey in her shoes.

"ily" is a dreamy lullaby; as she seeks something real in a relationship, she delivers a memorable mash-up of R&B/Soul. Drawing her inspiration from the greats like Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande etc... She ended up on the West Coast side of sonics in the heart of country music, where she honed in on her craft.

Grace's vulnerability and transparency as the record opens up are magical; you almost feel right beside her, experiencing it firsthand. The hypnotic production and her sense of longing perfectly catches the feeling of falling in love. Her rawness and honesty about her deepest emotions allow this track to take you to sweet oblivion, bringing on a sense of bliss and keeping you as a listener hooked long after the song has finished playing.

In Grace Carey-Hill's latest interview with BuzzMusic, we asked what inspired her to write such an emotionally vulnerable track, and she mentioned that "I was overanalyzing relationships and endings. I can get caught up in the need for closure and the surrounding mess. I'll spend forever crafting the right way to express it all perfectly. When we started ily, it seemed so obvious and simple that I love you could say it all. Easier said than done, though, right?"

She goes on to mention that relationships are beautiful because they always boil down to the same few things, discovering and nurturing each other's wants and needs. "Songwriting has helped me not only put my messy feelings into words but has connected me with so many people that say, it's like you wrote this for me."

Read the full in-depth article and interview with Grace Carey-Hill and her latest release, "ily," available here.


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