Shining A Spotlight On Lorraine Bautista And Her Latest Release, “Frontline”

LA's finest singer and songwriter, Lorraine Bautista, blesses her fans with her untroubled, controlled sophomore single, "Frontline."

While listening closely, Lorraine seems to create two themes, passion and soul, which attributes to her Filipino heritage. Lorraine never misses as she shares the importance of experiencing unique human conditions and allowing them to guide us into personal growth.

She highlights personal and heartfelt emotions in "Frontline", and with the help of Hippaside records, "Frontline," while Lorraine uses her bold voice to capture every listener's attention.

Elaborating on "Frontline," Lorraine elegantly grants us lush samples of nature and a blissful, glittering r&b atmosphere. When you hear her sing, you'll hear how delicate and soft she discusses passion and the dynamic nature of unique relationships.

Lorraine Bautista has a fantastic way with words; she uses each moment to express her love and desire for someone close while constantly reminding them of the two most important factors, honesty, and loyalty.

There's so much to hear in "Frontline," from airy memories that slip into daydreams to bouncy r&b sonics. Lorraine floats on the record while we enjoy every single piece of it.

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