Shining A Spotlight On The Passionate Mallory And Her Latest Single, “Make Me Feel”

Mallory's love for music grew the older she became. When she reached high school she got introduced to industry veteran Papa Reu, which landed her many features. When Mallory turned 18, she wrote and recorded her first track Due to Mallory battling mental health issues it was never released. However, in June 2019, she released her debut single, "1 Hunned", and hasn't looked back ever since. Overcoming adversity, Mallory is living the lifelong dream of being an artist while advocating for those struggling with mental health as well.

"Make Me Feel" is a passionate love story. Blending her beautiful vocals and organic production, her vibe is powerful enough to draw you close to the one you love. Having written and produced this classic, Mallory brings the meaning of love to light, reminding us all how powerful the desire for love truly is. Her powerful vocals and lyrics ignite that spark called love.

Mallory's recent interview with BuzzMusic mentions how she draws inspiration from the legendary Chris Brown and his artistry. Mallory puts emphasis on the importance of versatility and how it's what drives her to create freely. "Make Me Feel" to her feels like an intimate night with the significant other, dancing around the house, with their glasses of wine, having a real personal moment with each other.

The intimate lyrics and pictures illustrated by Mallory draw us closer to the touchy and important feeling of love. Catch up on BuzzMusic feature story on Mallory and her latest hit, "Make Me Feel," here.