Show-Stopping Vocals From Sabrina Carmen Bring Her Authentic Lyrics to Life

Singer/Songwriter Sabrina Carmen from LA grew up alongside music lovers and an incredible array of musical influences. She brings her old school style into her music today, keeping her lyrics heartfelt and production style memorable.

Sabrina Carmen delivers meaningful and raw vocals that express current issues in a way that resonates with listeners. Her breathy, serine vocals help listeners feel understood and related to. She takes challenges well, and her music is a way to reflect on her thoughts and anxieties. Each song is a new story that she approaches with fresh eyes, usually alongside her piano to help her brainstorm.

With her creative mind, she stays driven even through turmoil. Her love of art never fails, and her music video for her new song “Hush” is an example of that. The song was written pre-pandemic, but she was able to spin the meaning in the current circumstances with video submissions of people’s feelings during the lockdown, bringing the song to a whole new level.

Even more within the next year, Sabrina Carmen is planning on expanding her music and trying new things. The events in the last year have taught her much about her over-active mind and what makes her happy, so she will continue to work hard at her craft and show the world what she can do.

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