Sabrina Carmen Serenades Us With Her Introspective Single, "Hush"

The Los Angeles-based Artist and Singer/Songwriter Sabrina Carmen offers listeners a place to lay their head with her soft and heartfelt single, "Hush."

Known as an old soul, Sabrina Carmen was born into an artistic family and grew her musical taste with help from Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, and Ella Fitzgerald. From being in feature films and performing on late-night television, Sabrina Carmen's career is truly one to take note of. 

Marking the first artistic endeavor under her own name, Sabrina Carmen's latest single "Hush" brings listeners into a reflective and introspective piece that speaks on present-day issues. Carmen stated that the song reflects what a stay-at-home order can do to an over-active mind. With cinematic and orchestral instrumentation painting beautiful instrumentals from top to bottom, the song brings listeners peace of mind through each calming and relatable aspect. 

"Hush" opens with gentle piano melodies and Sabrina Carmen's breathy and melodic vocals singing of her oozing turmoil from the battle within her mind. The ballad continues to be incredibly emotional, as Carmen continues to sing of her over-active mind trying to stay entertained while being locked indoors. We must note how broad and powerful Sabrina Carmen's vocals are, as they instantly move the listener with her soulful and passionate delivery. 

The song is incredibly mellow until the sweltering and overwhelming bridge, which offers a powerful string section and airy percussion patterns that deliver the song's climax. Once the outro arrives, Sabrina Carmen ends the song on a serene, reflective, and warm note through her angelic vocals that we can't get enough of. 

The entire song "Hush" offers listeners a safe space to reflect upon the world's current climate. All while Sabrina Carmen delivers her beautiful vocal arrangements that win us over through each mesmerizing note and equally engaging lyric. 

We love the entirety of your soulful, heartfelt, and relatable song, "Hush." Could you take us through the moment you felt compelled to create such a powerful and relatable piece?

Although created pre-COVID, the mind junk expressed in ‘Hush’ feels more real than ever. 2020 has been a whirlwind, and the stay-at-home order has given “home” and “brain overload” new meaning. I struggle with having an over-active mind and anxiety on most days, and this year really amped that up to new heights. This year felt more appropriate than ever to share this song with the world. The beginnings of ‘Hush’ were created in my home. It later took its final shape in the home studio of my co-writer Will Carpenter, frontman of alt-rock band Ships Have Sailed. ‘Hush’ is an introspective cinematic ballad, created for those who can relate to the battle of thinking too much.

The music video is equally special in my opinion, I asked people to submit clips of themselves physically expressing their emotions during quarantine, and was amazed by the number of people who wanted to share their stories. Their participation truly brought 'Hush' to life, as the emotions expressed in the clips pertaining to COVID-19 are felt and shared by us all. We may be “alone” in our homes or with those we are quarantining with, but we truly are in this together.

Speaking on your descriptive and reflective lyricism within "Hush," how did you write the song so that many listeners can relate? What was your songwriting process like when writing such heavy lyrics?

Sometimes you get lucky and lyrics pour out of you smooth as butter. ‘Hush’ was one of those songs. I was going through a lot mentally, and writing has always helped me to deal with myself and my over-active mind. It’s very therapeutic. The melody and lyrics both came together very quickly.

The instrumentals within your single "Hush" are incredibly soothing and, at times, powerful. Speaking on the song's bridge, why did you offer this overwhelming and strong instrumental through added strings, keys, and percussion?

My collaborator and I wanted the song to have a climactic point where everything in your head begins to pile and grow into something much larger - your mind overtaking you - the lyrics in the bridge revolve around the concept “I can’t hear you, let me hear your war cry” - the bridge is equally a moment of tension and release - sometimes you just have to allow yourself to feel all the feels, let it out, and do your best to let it go. Again, regarding the instrumentals within "Hush," did you create the melodies and instrumentals yourself? Or did you have any help from other Artists/Producers to fine-tune your sonic vision?

I typically start writing most of my songs on the piano, and ‘Hush’ was no different. It began in my room late at night in my own home, and I later brought it to my collaborator Will Carpenter - he helped me flesh out the rest of the song, and produce the moody vibe we were going for. What can fans anticipate next from you?

More music in 2021! I just want to create and share as much as possible - not going to over-think things, this year was a big “thought” year and a year of change - I underwent a new artist name, I moved, and a lot of crazy things went on in the world (and still are). 2021 will be about more doing and more authentic sharing - without fear and without over-thinking. Expect genre-defying stuff. Not gonna put me in a brain box.