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Simon Ocean Has a Ton of "Secrets," That He's Willing to Share

Miami, Florida, Singer/Songwriter Simon Ocean is ready to share his most recent diversified and explorative sound with his listening base.

Simon Ocean puts a huge emphasis on capturing his most momentous childhood experiences and feelings within his songs. Simon Ocean's music is often rooted in the various cultures he's explored throughout his life, which is what gives his songs a spunky, refreshing perspective.

His latest work takes on this very elevated perspective, especially in terms of production and style, which is why we're incredibly excited to introduce Simon Ocean's latest work.

The latest work by Simon Ocean includes his single, "Secrets," which is packed with fun and loose-feeling melodies. A tropical beat transpires a rhythm that listeners can easily get their bodies involved with. The boisterous and lively tones are elevated with the characterizable voice of Simon Ocean, and his vocals not only blend with ease but combine in such a way that makes the song even more stimulating.

Lyrically, "Secrets" ventures through the narrative of specific romantic interest, and soon enough Simon Ocean will have listeners understanding the very type of secrets he's referring to. Simon Ocean simply makes "Secrets" fun, imaginative and appealing, which explains why we can't stop listening to this energy-infused song.

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