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Sink Right In To Teather’s New Release, “Sinking”

Electronic singer-songwriter Teather has recently released her newest single, “Sinking,” an ethereal track that is easy to get lost in.

Based in Seattle, WA, Teather started making music over the last couple of years, inspired by lockdown and the intense emotions she was feeling at the time. Teather does it all by writing and producing all of her music and will leave a lasting impact on those who listen.

Teather’s new song “Sinking” can only be described as angelic, a transport to a new reality. With spirited and dynamic production, Teather’s vibe is unlike any other.

“Sinking” starts off slow and tender, the electronic sounds wading you through the lyrics before the beat kicks in. It feels like you are running through a wide-open field, just following where her voice takes you. The sound gains a spunky and vibrant feel for the rest of the song, but still with those breezy, flowing vocals Teather provides. Her free-spirited personality is apparent in the type of music she creates, especially in “Sinking,” where her melodies flow perfectly with the instrumentation.

Teather sings about sinking into someone and getting lost in another person. Singing “I’ll stay here till death comes,” the listener can fall into the emotions she is so openly displaying. By the time “Sinking” comes to a close, you are left feeling rejuvenated and accessible, as well as a deeper connection to Teather and her lyrics.

Teather does not do anything halfway, so don’t miss “Sinking,” available now on all streaming platforms.

It is an honor to have you on BuzzMusic, Teather. What sparked you to create this new single, “Sinking”? What does this song mean to you?

“Sinking” was the culmination of many love songs I had been writing, conveying how I felt for someone. There were many attempts before, but this song was the one I finally felt I’d packaged up my feelings and presented them perfectly. The song is about devotion and being with someone who’s capable of loving and supporting a sometimes-turbulent existence. I’ve cried while working on it several times. It’s one of a few of my songs that moves me every time I listen to it. And that makes me excited to share it with people.

How has your experience been with recording and producing your own songs? Did you have any musical experience before you started making your music in 2020?

Producing my own music is the thing that made music click for me. I grew up singing and helping my dad write songs growing up, but I didn’t play any instruments, so producing music was my first exposure to being able to write on my own. I love to work alone and be able to fully realize the idea of a song that’s in my head, and I find that easiest if I’m also writing, performing, and producing it. I’m also a bit controlling, so I like not having to compromise my idea. It’s a double-edged sword, though, because you never really know if what you’re doing will translate to other people.

For those listening to your music for the first time, what do you hope they take away from “Sinking?"

I hope it makes people feel something. That’s always the end goal. I also love that people listening are inherently going to get this view of me and all the things that shaped that song – emotionally and artistically. That is, listening to the song, they will hear little parts that I agonized over, parts that made me excited, and little details I left in for those who like to pay lots of attention. It’s a super personal song, so I just hope people enjoy getting to peer into someone’s mind like that.

Who are your favorite artists that inspire you? How would you say your music is different from other types of music you listen to?

I listen to a lot of club music through DJ mixes both live and at home. My love for electronic and dance music has influenced my music and how I go about making it. I always want people to be able to turn it on and dance, or I want to put them in a bit of a trance like any good rave or club show will. I also love a good pop song with sick electronic production a la artists like Grimes, Sega Bodega, Magdalena Bay, and FKA Twigs. I don’t think much about how my music sounds. Since I’m with it all the time, I never really have a good idea – I’ll show it to someone and say I’m working on a country song or whatever and they will not get that influence at all. But I love artists that work pretty much alone or with a group of select collaborators because I think you get access to such a personal reflection of a time and feeling, and I think my music achieves that. So, I guess maybe I’m trying at the same goal as a lot of the stuff I listen to, lol.

What's next for you?

A few more single releases, maybe another EP, I’m not sure. I’m taking some time right now to share a few singles so I can really go into the visuals and make a bit of a world around each song. Music videos and visualizers are my favorite art form right now, and I get so excited to share my music in that way.

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