Skyhart Releases New Album 'Before Leaving'

Skyhart releases 'Before Leaving,' an album soaked in emotionally driven rock and acoustic songs filled with vigor and honesty.

It's not too often you come by an album with songs that stick together quite the way Before Leaving does. From Emo to alt-rock and singer-songwriter, all the same, this is a solid album from start to finish. 

Warm tones and dreamesque worlds wash over you as it sends you afloat through a musical journey in the life of songwriter Tristan Gilliss, the heart and soul of Skyhart. This is the kind of record you can sit back and enjoy through and through.

Close your eyes and take in the stories and perspectives while satisfying your want for someone to understand you better. 'Before Leaving' pulls it all together and weaves it tightly together for your listening pleasure. Most songs are relatable and truthful, from the heart, and even at times, love letters to certain people. Or so it seems anyway. 

The record, at any rate, is a love letter to music being an outlet for his emotions. This is what songwriting is about. Real songwriting takes from life experience and drives it out of you into the world and sometimes it works exactly the way it should. It's with great excitement we point you to this album. Dig in here.

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