“SLEEPN ON ME” Is One For The Books

Welcome to Buzzmusic Flyygurl314. You began writing songs at such an early age. Can you tell us how your songwriting elevated throughout the years and in what ways has your inspiration transcended from your early stages of writing to now?                   Thank you for having me first off and to be honest I was limited to talk about a certain thing is that I was only 8 so I had to write about kiddy things and plus I haven’t gone through anything in life to be writing about things everyone can relate on. English and composition/ literature were one of my favorite subjects in school. My writing has changed so much the older I’ve grown and the knowledge I’m learning and experiencing so many things people can relate to. When I write songs now you never know if it’s about someone I know, me personally or just things people go through in life but don’t know how to put it in a song.

How were you able to cultivate your own unique sound of rap while taking from your various influences like Da Brat, Left Eye, Mc Lyte, and many more powerful female emcees? Can you describe to us the rap scene as well in St. Louis and how you integrated your style with your environment?                                              

Well I just wanted to be different and take a different route in the rap game because most females aren’t rapping fast where you can still understand them I don’t think too many are rapping fast at all and fast rap goes unnoticed because people are stuck trying to fit in and sound the same I hear a lot of people saying they want something different so that’s what I’m trying to do. St. Louis music scene they all actually talk about the same thing guns drugs etc and it’s cool but need something different. I also feel like fast rap is something the Mid-West can almost claim. We have so many dope artists who can rap fast along with Busta Rhymes, Eminem and many more.  So I feel like as a female it’s something different like female rappers pave the way so we have to keep it going, to be honest. You know your dope when you have dudes coming to you saying your music is dope then that’s a sign to keep going strong so that’s what I’m going to continue to do. But I’m also bringing hip-hop back when it was fun like the 90’s era and had punch lines and metaphors.

Your single “SLEEPN ON ME” was a hard-hitting banger. What were your intentions with this song and how were you able to challenge yourself creating it?

To be honest, it started out as a #AllBars freestyle I had did a few years back and it was this ad going around on Facebook about the hottest artist in St. Louis so I signed up picked a beat and went back to that freestyle and kept the parts that were hard and added extra lines to them and only had 3 verses no hook and a day later was had to record was late for session so never got to finish the song producer like it and was offer to write hooks and verses and sell them only to make extra cash but turned it down and a month later went back and finished the song added the hook got it to mix and mastered and from then on everybody loved it and was asking for a video lol, to be honest, I didn’t really think the song would turn out like that but it’s more hits on the way soon. It’s like the songs you didn’t think we're going to be well turned out to be a dope song despite being late for the session and going back and finishing the song a month later.

Are there any deeper lyrical messages behind the metaphors in “SLEEPN ON ME”?      Basically the message of the song is that I finally decided to take music seriously and to other people, it’s like I just came out of nowhere and I have bars and I’m very talented, my flow is on point and it’s nobody like me but record labels, A&R’s, etc are Sleepn on good talent because they want everyone to sound the same but they say they want people to stand out but not knowing I been doing this since I was 8 years old.