Sleeptalk Makes You Feel Rejuvenated With "dontbesoblue"

Sleeptalk is an indie band that's producing tracks falling under both elemental in the indie scene, as well as expressional on multiple levels. We're beyond excited to introduce this band to the BuzzMusic community, and we know they will surpass your expectations.Sleeptalk's vulnerability is plastered all throughout their music--as listeners, we can feel the honesty in their words. Sleeptalk is the type of indie band that curates music that has a purpose and meaning behind it. Sleeptalk's music give us heavy elements from The 1975, but also incorporate the most raw aspects of the band and what they stand for, and want to express to their fanbase. The five piece indie band has opened for Twenty One Pilots, and once you give a listen to these guys, you'll understand why their music fuses together in harmony. Sleeptalk is bringing back an indie sound we used to be familiar with, but don't receive enough of nowadays. We know Sleeptalk captivates listeners with their ultimate aura, and we highly recommend you check out the bands newest music, because we're all over how sentimental it is. 

We're loving the amount of music being contributed to the alternative indie scene lately. Sleeptalk adds in their own twist on the indie music category, and releases their most recent single "dontbesoblue". The track begins off with airy synths, immediately being introduced to the serene vocalism, setting the overall tone of the song. We couldn't help but notice the elemental tone the track adapted from alternative indie/rock bands in early 2000's (you'll have to listen to understand what we truly mean). "dontbesoblue" makes us feel refreshed, and with the overall theme of the track being starting over, we feel like the band did a solid job at reflecting the theme onto their listeners. "dontbesoblue" makes you feel everything but blue---we're listening to the track now, and all in agreement that we feel a relaxing type of vigorous. 

Prepared to feel a relaxed and electrifying feeling with Sleeptalk's latest track here.

Get to know Sleeptalk through their exclusive interview below!

Hey Sleeptalk! Please tell our readers a little bit about each of yourselves, and how you knew the music scene was for you individually?

Hi guys, we’re Sleeptalk, an alternative band from the San Fernando Valley! Music is such an escape for us as individuals and we all feel something different about music than most people. For me, I want people to feel the way I felt when I was 10 years old listening to Take Off Your Pants And Jacket by Blink 182. I want to spread that feeling to people and make them feel like they aren’t the only ones that feel those things.

Opening up for Twenty One Pilots must've felt amazing! How was that performance?

Opening up for Twenty One Pilots was honestly so crazy. It was one of our first shows we had played as Sleeptalk and to go out and play in front of 1000+ people was absolutely insane! It was a great show and that was what kicked off our start as a band. So many of those kids that were at that show still follow us till this day. It’s amazing.

"dontbesoblue" is incredibly serene. We feel relaxed and refreshed with the bands music, especially the most recent releases. What kind of energy are you looking to provide overall to your listeners?

Thank you so much we really appreciate that. I want our listeners to feel a sense of euphoria when they are listening to our music, almost like a dream state. We like to classify ourselves as “Space Rock” because of the spacey guitar tones we use. When we were putting the finishing touches on “dontbesoblue” I really wanted to make the bridge sound like you were underwater to fit with the lyrics “I’m swimming in the blues of your eyes, I’m swimming in the blues of your mind”. To me adding those little extra things are what make you stand out. This EP is a very dream state of mind feeling to me, whenever I listen to it i feel like I’m on drugs. It’s crazy.

As a band, how do you feel each of your creative processes combine together?

We all listen to such different music but also LOVE the same music so when we get together in a room and write it just feels right, it feels like it’s supposed to be happening. I think thats why our music has such a different feel to it.

What's next for Sleeptalk? Can we expect to see you guys in any upcoming shows, or any upcoming releases after this one?

We actually have our EP release show July 6th at The Moroccan Lounge in DTLA where we will be playing the Desert Daze – EP in its entirety. Then we have some music videos coming out here within the next few weeks/months so we are extremely excited for that! We are also currently back in the studio writing our next EP. We are 3 songs deep into that process as well as booking a few shows out of our local area!


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