Soak up Da Problem Children’s Feel-Good Release, “Cali Sun"

Da Problem Children is a hip-hop artist who’s music reflects his trials of life by fusing in various styles that range from rap, urban, Latin, soul, gospel, and rock to create a universally accessible message. Recently, Da Problem Children released his banging new old-school tune “Cali Sun,” and it is the perfect record to pump as loud as you can from your car when driving down the highway. “Cali Sun” is one of those tunes that transports you to a new location, instantly while listening, we are hit with the waves of California before being hit with a surfy guitar riff that washed over our heads. We were there brought to an incredibly vibey verse that introduces that classic organic drum kit that solidifies us onto the ground along with Da Problem Children’s enchanting vocals, and speaking of the vocals; they completely hit us by surprise. There’s some old school rap, there’s some smooth, more pop-sounding vocal, and there’s a tremendous little soulful flair that tops the cake. It is clear while listening to “Cali Sun” that Da Problem Children loves kicking it back in the sun, and while listening to this one, we couldn’t help but feel like we were there as well. “Cali Sun” is the perfect song to ease your mind and let your problems float away.

You can listen to “Cali Sun” here.

Hey there Da Problem Children! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving the ever so chill vibe you created in “Cali Sun” was that something you used as inspiration to create the song? Or did the songwriting influence the vibe?

We are all a product of growing up in California. From the far northern shores of Humboldt County, South to San Francisco, and now Los Angeles County where we all reside in one place or another.

The beach and the chill vibe is a part of who we are. Drew Evrist the lyricist and singer on the hook said that he based his writing on the chill vibe of the track and lyrically related his experience of taking magic mushrooms on the beach and trippin’ on the Cali Sun.

Speaking of the songwriting, what was the whole process like when writing the song initially? What about production? Was there a specific part that was done first before the others?

Producer Mark V writes/plays the beats first and gets them to about 70% finished. With Cali Sun the track was given to vocalist/lyricist Drew Evrist who wrote and performed the hook.

Once the hook is produced the track is arranged and given to our feature rappers. Usually going to bandmate Style Ray first and from him, it goes to the feat artists that we select. Mark V finishes the instrumentation on the track once the vocals are done and it's mixed at his facility Chat Lunatique Recording in Arcadia, CA.

The blend of styles you have going on is extremely eye-catching, do you have any influences from the different styles that inspired the creative choices you made?

Mark V has a background as a rock drummer and spent 25 years in Los Angeles and San Francisco recording, mixing, and producing various kinds of music. He has Gold and Platinum records with Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony and worked with Run-DMC, the Luniz, Gang Starr, and many West Coast artists. He also has a Grammy nomination for his work with Cuban and Latin Jazz artists. His influences are as varied as his career. Style Ray is from Compton and came upon the streets of South Central LA rapping about the trials and tribulations of his life. He is always open to the challenge of rapping to different styles of music.

Who would be your all-time favorite icon that you draw inspiration from and what makes them your favorite?

We have too many to list.

Since the release of “Cali Sun”, how do you think you have grown as a songwriter and artist since your first release “Purple”? Do you see yourself trying anything new in future songs?

We are always trying to keep it real, based on our real lives and experiences. We strive to put the truth of whatever we feel out to the public. It's not just about Hustlin’, Pimpin’, Violence, etc.

Some of our songs touch on depression, politics, and the job of just staying alive. We want to share the trials and tribulations as well as the chill vibe where we can get it. Do you see yourself trying anything new in future songs?

The challenge for us is to do what we feel and not get sucked in stylistically with the flavors of the month. We are always gonna try new stuff. We mix Rock, Latin, New Wave & Pop influences with rap. That's what we do!