Soul Flow Released Their Single “Survive”

Soul Flow is a band from the Metro, St. Louis area whose been changing lives and bringing good vibes in every show of his. This group filled with ambitious musicians who mixes together various styles of music with hip-hop has made their mark in the areas of Sofar Sounds, and now they’re looking to play more shows and make a name for themselves!

Soul Flow has this refined soul you will find yourself cultivating and immersing yourself in! Don’t believe me? Take a listen to their single “Survive” and you will find yourself satisfied by the energy they present. It’s like Soul Flow lightly picks their listener up and allows them to float with the movement of the smooth-sailing melody. Like a nice breeze outside carrying you away, the atmospheric element in “Survive” was relentless. I LOVED the hook of this song. “We tryna get by, We Tryna fly, We tryna Survive” the vocalist sings, but instead of keeping it simple and boring, because I mean who likes things plain? He stretches out the notes on the ending word of each lyric. Like a smoothly connected melody, the tune was flawless! “Survive” was rich in texture and soul while remaining simple enough for the listener to follow the journey! It’s sculptural production was nicely delivered with ebullience. Soul Flow talent is remarkable!

Listen to "Survive" here and get to know more about Soul Flow below!