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South Korean Sensation ID Earth Has Emerged With New Single, "Betting"

South Korean sensation ID Earth has emerged once again with the blasted song "Betting" and it is hitting more and more streams. It has gained more than 6k views on a music video on YouTube, which was uploaded just 20 days ago. Moreover, it has hundreds of thousands of plays on mp3 music websites such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc., which is increasing day by day.

The swag of the ID Earth is, as always, cool, and the song gave the coolest vibes. ID Earth showed its real self in the song video. The look of ID Earth in the song gives off chill vibes, which is her actual mode. Moreover, the song lyrics flow around the main theme of "Betting," adding more criminally cool vibes to the song.

This song is about the origins of society. ID Earth gave the audience the option of doing what she enjoys or what she loves to do, and the conclusion is that everything should be prepared first. Remember the real objective and don't fall for the avarice provided by others, which blinds and deafens the convictions. Regardless of the path chosen, one must be willing to believe in oneself in order to get off to a good start.

ID Earth's music is a double combination of classic and metallic melodies and soft tones. She contributes to their own flair as if she were inventing a new genre. She uses her songs to portray her creativity in a heartfelt way. She's a songwriter who does an excellent job of preserving the character's vibe. Besides the music category of producing and composing, ID Earth specializes in historical battles, futuristic films, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, and twisted films.

Once again, ID Earth proved she is no less than K-pop stars like Black Pink, BTS, etc. The song composition, the wonderful lyrics, and ID Earth herself in the song are just perfect. Play it in the car, at parties, or any music night. It will do the best for the environment.

Click here to listen to the song.


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