SPOTLIGHT ARTIST: Shadi G Shines With Her Release of "Mind"

Swedish singer/songwriter/producer Shadi G is here to debut her divine sound to listeners! As an artist who was taught the components of many genres, Shadi G has an outlook on music that separates her from the rest. She's able to house contemporary soundings of integral and prominent genres in the music world today. Shadi G has a collectively smooth and electric vocal performance. Her sound is difficult to categorize, but if we had to note some defining aspects of her music, we would say she has an eccentric take on Soul/R&B. The component that requires Shadi G to be our Spotlight Artist is how flawless she's capable of integrating various genres with one another.

Shadi G has released her single "Mind", which really captures the essence of her art. Her music flows with purity, and her voice in "Mind" follows suit. As an emerging artist, Shadi G is carving out a place for herself and her alluring sound, ready to take the music world on head first. "Mind" is such a complementary way for Shadi G to showcase exactly this trait of herself and what she's able to reach as an artist. The effect her vocal presence has on us as listeners in "Mind" is similar to a magnetic pull. A magnetic pull that forces our senses to open when the voice of Shadi G fills the room. Which it does, by the way! Her voice contains an enchanting aspect that absolutely demands your attentive listening. There's even an element to Shadi G's vocal outflow in "Mind" that allows her to appear mystical.

Listen to "Mind" by Shadi G here.

Welcome, Shadi G! We love getting a chance to talk about music with our featured artists! How has the music world been treating you thus far ever since debuting your music?

Hi and thank you so much for having me! Well, ever since I started out with my music, it has been important for me to have control over the whole creating process. I write, produce and release my music through my own record label and so there is quite a lot to think about, but at the same time I can make sure that the end result is exactly how I want it. I am so happy and grateful that my music has been very well received from the start.

My debut single "Lost" got onto playlists such as New Music Friday and Made in Sweden (one of the biggest Spotify playlists in Sweden), picked up by some of Swedens biggest music magazines and performed live on Swedish national radio. Since then I have released four new singles and an EP. Since 2017 my music has made it onto lists over the best music made that year, and just a while ago I got a note about my new release Mind being listed as one of the Top 30 Best Songs made by Gothenburg artists in 2019!  

With the release of "Mind" came our fully developed perspective on who you are as an artist. Were you careful in the way you exercised "Mind" knowing that it would hold a strong impression on listeners? What were your thoughts going into the curation of this particular song?

Writing for me is a way to ventilate thoughts and feelings, and to process past experiences. And for the song "Mind" there were just some things I needed to say, and sort of get out of my system. So more than thinking a lot about it, it feels like something that just comes out of me, something that needs to be created. 

Do you see yourself as an artist who always wants to embed important messages in their music, or do you see your music as less of a platform and more of a fun environment?

That is a very good question. I think in my case these go hand in hand. Because for me, a fun environment is when I get to embed important messages in my music. And when I get messages from people who's been affected by my music and felt that it really spoke to them at an important time in their life, there is few things that can compare to that. It makes me feel that we are so connected through our emotional life. My music can be about something for me, and something completely different for someone else, depending on their current situation and inner life. And that is the most beautiful part.  

Congratulations on the release of your first EP "No Fear"! How do you think you approached "Mind" in a contrasting way to the tracks within "No Fear"?

Thank you so much first of all! Well,I think I'm constantly looking towards creating music that feels close to my heart and fun and exciting to make in the creative process. I listen a lot to different types of music myself and get inspired by different things. So while I have my specific style and way of writing, at some point in my life I might feel very inspired by a certain type of sound, instrument, beat, or a particular feeling. Then I'll go for that and integrate it into my own style of making music. So I go very much with feelings and try to stay as close as possible to my them when creating. 

We hope we hear more from you soon, Shadi G! For now, what's the artistic plan?

I am currently working on new things. And planning on some upcoming releases through my own record label, Goldamin Records, in 2020.