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Spotlight: GHOST GUN Go All Out in Thought-Provoking Release

Hailing from Seattle, Washington is the audacious electronic duo, GHOST GUN. Being ones to test the boundaries of sound, GHOST GUN imperatively embeds their most affecting styles into their music. They strive to expand the horizons of electronic dance music, in which they prove to be on the right track with the release of their EP, “SHOOT FIRST, QUESTIONS LATER.”

Being a huge milestone for both artists, their EP release was the beginning of great success for GHOST GUN. They aimed for each track on the EP to feature thought-provoking melodies, but most importantly, to instigate an instrumental rhythm that encouraged free expression. Each song is meant to convey a different message and instill varying emotional reactions.

The duo explains that their EP can be used almost as a guide for one's own transformation, as they delve into the idea that people are constantly having to grow, change and evolve their consciousnesses. It's safe to say that GHOST GUN goes beyond the surface level to reach the depths of their listeners. It's for this very reason that we're left in anticipation of the next mind-bending release from this power duo.

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