Spotlight: If Expresses Her Raw Emotions in "Overcome My Fear"

BuzzMusic recently saw the release of "Overcome My Fear," which was a strong and heartfelt message delivered by If herself. "Overcome My Fear" was first written by If following her feelings with actions, in which she describes her songwriting process as a "cause and effect" type of occurrence. She allows herself to be pulled into whichever trance is compelling her, and she follows that direction to craft her exclusive-sounding music.

"Overcome My Fear" was really written for If herself. She wrote the song with her own circumstances in mind, although the response she's received from her listening base reveals that many endure similar circumstances.

If you really wanted for the song to ultimately inspire feel-good emotions and outcomes, it's safe to say that this goal was effortlessly achieved. In terms of what's next for If, she's planning on continuing to advance her artistry, but she definitely keeps in mind that this process isn't by any means linear. If, we're most definitely excited for future new music.

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