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Spotlight: Jimmy Swagg On His Latest Single, "The River"

One of Southern California's hottest acts to watch right now is the singer-songwriter Jimmy Swagg.

Jimmy's been making waves with his dreamy new single "The River", off his latest 7-track album "St. Mary". By uniting audiences with his wicked live performances and spiritual aura, Swagg is taking his career to destinations he once imagined. Swagg prides himself in conveying the truth. He invites listeners to experience the magic of his music itself and brings a whole new rock edge to his sound - and "The River" sets the conceptual and exciting tone perfectly. Once the gritty and edgy rhythm guitar and drums begin flowing through our speakers, Jimmy Swagg makes his way in and sings a deeply introspective message of washing his sorrows and experiences away in the river.

In his recent interview with BuzzMusic, he unravels the inspiration behind such a hit, telling us that the timely passing of his mother drew him close to his creative side Often feeling overwhelmed from all the life and death experiences in his family and the constant starting over, he turned to his form of expression in hopes to dust himself off again. We truly understand why Jimmy Swagg has become such a sought-after act, and we're sure any listeners will appreciate his relatable lyrics, soulful flair, and complex compositions.

Check out the full interview with the naturally gifted Jimmy Swagg, here.



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