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Spotlight: Noah Horne

As an electronic pop artist from London, England, Noah Horne releases an organic single that draws on his personal experiences and internal authenticity.

Using digital synthesis in combination with catchy, dynamic lyrics Horne is able to entice listeners with his vocals and lyricism.

Examining his personal romantic journey, Horne provides listeners with a sense of comfort and free-flowing harmony as he expresses each resonating lyric. Drawing on influences from artists like Ava Mac and Hannah Diamond, Horne uses artificial sound to compliment his feelings of alienation as expressed through each lyric.

Using social media to encourage listeners to move forward, Horne is not only a talented singer-songwriter but an inspiration as he continues to expand his emerging career.

With a focus on expanding his natural songwriting journey, it is clear his upcoming EP will help to express his inner, authentic emotions over the past 3 years since he began his inspirational career.

Discover more about Noah Horne, here.


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