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Spotlight: Rising Star Joel David And His Newest Release, “Borealis”

We've reviewed the passionate R&B, pop singer, songwriter and producer Joel David with his new release "borealis."

Honing in on his craft and his many hours of studio training, Joel David has perfected his producing, mixing and mastering skills. The love for the creative process allows the music to flow freely when it's time to whip up a masterpiece - creating emotive and captivating pictures that resonate with the listener.

The standout record, "borealis" is a journey of self-discovery and introspection that keeps the listener fascinated and intrigued from beginning to end. Expressing his raw emotion throughout this beautifully crafted record, Joel effortlessly conveys his vocals over an enchanting instrumental. The ethereal soundscape takes the listener into another realm, with the song structure reflecting the internal conflict in the lyrics.

In Joel David's latest interview with BuzzMusic, he mentions, "I knew from the start that I wanted a clock ticking in the background of this track. This is an important piece representing a countdown - an existential timer if you want to call it that." Elaborating on the essence of limited time, Joel wonders whether he has been wasting time on dead ends and lost causes.

Joel David describes "borealis" as the first full-length track on his album, emphasizing its tone set for the entire experience. He explains that the record revolves around the topics of love, longing and change. "In the outro of "borealis" the fight for balance in these aspects of life is established through what I have and need."

Check out the full interview and article with the multi-faceted rising star Joel David and his newest release, "borealis", here.


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