Spotlight: SHAYSOVA And Her New Single, “Drop Like This”

The life of SHAYSOVA has been filled with melodies and tempo, surrounded by the disk jockey lifestyle, mastering beats and melodies came at an early age for SHAYSOVA, so DJing and production were a natural fit.

SHAYSOVA's latest single “Drop Like This” debuted on Feb 11th on Soundrive Music with ufoNetwork, has been featured on, as well as garnering many Spotify playlist placements. SHAYSOVA is ready to introduce you to her unique style of Electro, House, EDM, Big room & versatile mixes with unmatched energy and dedication, and "Drop Like This" does just that. This hard-hitting, bouncy, vibrant track has us feeling euphoric and carefree.

In her recent interview with BuzzMusic, SHAYSOVA let us know how versatile she really is. On the track, "Drop Like This," SHAYSOVA is mixing Electro and Big Room styles to shape her perfectly unique sound. She also mentions that she took a performance break to focus more on the creation process, now that she's hit a stride she plans to do more shows moving forward.

SHAYSOVA's devotion and care for her craft speak for themselves, sitting with her creations for some time to find just the right tone demonstrates the impressive level of patience SHAYSOVA has been practicing to guarantee all her releases are exceptional.

Check out the full interview with the highly diverse and authentic SHAYSOVA, here.